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siapa tuu?
thats my name,when you take Fathin and Abdul out.
this is my name,when i was in london mase gred one dlu.okay.juz a name with two words, 5 syllables.
sebab all those mat salleh confuse nak sebut name like my first name.especially when it's spelt like that.and the expulsion of Abdul was due to the name always being associated with dad has been facing troubles goin to the US bcuz of this.

whats her name again?
Fathin Nabilah Abdul Rashid
is this a new nickname or sthg?
no,not a nickname.its part of my name,its simpler,and i like it.

i had lotsof nicknames/profile names to start with,and i've always been looking for 1 different one,one disticnt one.bcuz i love originality.
story of my life?
after i was born,one of my mum's friend fancied my name so much and hence named her daughter,since i was a toddler lagi,i've been facing this prob.[someone,please understand!] whenever pple call my first name,usually more than 1 pple will turn their heads.n,its demmm embarassing if the person theyre calling is not you.Google lah sendiri.Fathin Nabilah.brape juta billion ade pple with that name.
So far,i think i have met,in real life,5 pple with MY NAME.:[tolonglah paham how this feels]
the lucky five junior yg same school ,a friend of an internet friend [ended up adding me bcuz of the name crisis],a friend of a friend.[under afriend of a friend tuh,ade 3 pple]
so,in search of a more distinct name.i chose in acronym,of my initials.ohohhohhohh.and i just discovered what it means on BAD.*especially #4
so,pergilah pulak ke nabs.thats my signature.too bad it cant be changed cuz i signed my passport,bank document and IC with i grew older,[and had more vocabulary] barulah terpikir nabs is like nabbing=means,stealing.and,betapa x glamournye nabs,cuz it might be used by other pple like Nabrushka(russian), Anabella(british),Nabita(japanese), Nabbas(indian) and of course the most famous, Jenab Kurab(malayan folklore,betul ke?) xD.see.x glamour lgsg.
thank god,untill now theres only 1 person who regularly calls me nabs.and he's not one of my close friends phun.phew~

so,after decades [1.5 decade and 4 years] i finally wanted to stick back to Nabilah reminds me of all my lunchbox,bags ,storybooks and personal drawer at Davies Lane Infant School,all labelled with this very name.
little did i know.....there are MORE people who goes by this very name.ade utube account,a nine year old kid punya rundown blog, dsbg nya.frust gila wohh!
you know the feeling, when you step on the gas paddle hell hard,and speed hell fast chasing the green traffic light .you're so near,and then it flicks to yellow for a split second and then *poof* red!and you HAVE to stop the car because of phobia of being chased by police and kene saman for speeding.can you feeeeel the frustation??amagad.i can feel it already as i type it down =_=

well this time i'm telling you,i'm sticking with this name and i wont change!i'm tired of having the same name.i'm tired of being in an identity crisis [konon] and i'm tired of washing the dishes!sebab today dishes extra banyak and bekas sup tulang so all the fatty deposit melekat on all the dishware and i had to boil periuks of water to make the fat melt becuz sunlight is not as efficient as they claim when it comes to cow fat on dirty dishes.merengek merapu macam budak histeria sebab rindu bibik. :P

so,there. My name is NabilahRashid, and i'm not a terrorist.haha.sorry mr. SRK,pinjam line kejap=)

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