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Gossip girl has become one of my addictions.i am CRAZY abt this show.i think it's abt the only series i so loyally follow.theres this inner voice inside of me,an intuition, that gossip girl,is nearly ending.
My biological clock is somewhat set every tuesday,thats when i'll start 'menggedix' for the latest episode.usually my classmates become the mangsa.i'll nag mei, my faithful supplier for downloaded copies.ahhh..good ol times ;p
Tuesday,14th december,no new episode of gg was aired.
insider info (cehh,insider;esha thats you;p) reports that GG season 4 episode twelve will only come out on january 24.proof:nah
haiihh.they always like to do this.make me wait in agony>.<

kelantanized version of gossip girl
beley wodoh
Blair Waldof
chuck bass

Sereyna wengdoksong
yea.u guessed it;serena van derwoodsen medicate my unquenched addiction,a special tribute: heres a compilation of my favorite gg handwriting form!;)x nampak pape?saje xnak bg nampak.haha.
boley zoom da

gg,cepatlah kluar.please.

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