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Miss Dior Cherie

ni: Enchanteur Paris
enchanteur: brings me memories.this is my nenek's favourite brand.
bedak enchanteur, lotion enchanteur, sabun enchanteur, deodorant enchanteur.
sume enchanteur. dulu la.skarang she prefercs medicated talks.okay.i didnt mean to write bout my nenek =_='
anyyywayss,look at the bottle of this 'new' perfume.nice kan?pretty?

enchanteur tiruuuuuuuuu!!
sejibikbijik same ngan bottle perfume miss dior cherie!and i just noticed because i saw enchanteur's advert on tv just now.
i can only see the difference at the lable. i dont keep my perfume bottles,so i cant actually check every inch of the dimension whether its the same or not.but surely,from my naked eye,i can see the stark similarity.
i feel a bit offended(on behalf of dior's) because enchanteur copycatmioaw the bottle design. :'(
senang2 jek tiru, and its more than obvious that dior released their perfume first.

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Malena Fendi said...

Aku tahu dohh nii.. aku notice ni from CLEO. HAHA. dlm CLEO ada ads enchanteur.. pastu kat cover blkg CLEO ads DIOR. HAHAHAHA lawok giloo

aint sweet enuff?