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obsession log.#1

its a big fat lie if i say i CAN live without my handphone.and i bet for everyone else handphone,is like my second heart,my pace maker (ok.terlampau melampau).i just think its something i have to have by myside,my reminder,alarm clock,boredombuster,birthday reminder,organiser,calendar,camera,dictionary,music/video player,my ultimate medium of communication=my lifeline. makes me think,how did pple zaman dulu survive.maybe,like this;
haha.did the flintstones communicate like this dlu?oh,now i flint had a handphone right?except it was made of stone.or,something like this;?

motorola microtac, first cellphone ever made
banyak laa micro, macro ade la.this can be used as a murder tool.if it was this phone naomi campbell threw at her assistant, she'd be imprisoned for homicide already.
evolution of handphones
then came the bulky one(second from left,pic abv).i still remember my papa's colour.giler berat,i dunno how it fit into his pocket.haha.and there were these jokes, when pple call u'll laugh bcuz the vibrating is ticklish.=.= agak LAME~ *capital L*
and now we have:
i-phone and blackberry;dengan torch x torchnye.
infact ade org nak buat iPad jadi phone.LMAO.
tapi mine:
ok.there are some minor scratch.but i just love it as it is~
it doesnt matter if all my other fmly members gune yg touch screen,and i'm the only one left behind..(na wat camne xde rezeki) least i cant count on my bby; it doesnt hang(as long as i dun overcrowd it) the battery survives long enough, it has bluetooth for easy file sharing,wiFi,video playback,sweet camera, and most important;the phone itself survives: me.

currently my message tone is a recording of a bunch of kids(ank2 intec staff) saying: 'kak nabilah,kak nabilah ade message.kring kring'
papa dah naik meluat dengan this messagetone.he'll immitate d tone in his 'perfectly' high pitch mode voice and then say'hish,sakit hatiii ak' sambil geleng kepala.den suddenly just now he said asked me to record my voice and do something similar like that for his messagetone.BIG HAHA! eenie meenie tiny confession; i dont quite understand the obsession with iphone( crappy pics,short battery life, hang) and blackberry(is'nt it hard to fiddle those small keypads?)

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