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route to the airport.

The 5 day program was a memory i'd never trade for anything in the world.:)

The 1750 KL-KB flight yesterday was smooth,no turbulence,no wasnt jam packed and i still had space for my backpack in the overhead compartment.
the pre-flight events,on the other hand,was horrible.i felt,sorta accomplished at first,cuz i arrived 5o mins before estimated time of departure,but still,that wasnt good enough.-_-
the trip to lcct,was a failure~ you people who want to know whats the most economical way to get to LCCT from shah alam,better peel your ears open right now!!;p
instead of doing the normal kl central-LCCT trip,via taxi then ERL, i decided to try another route. Taxi from shah alam to putrajaya sentral(erl station) then erl to salak tinggi,followed by shuttle(provided) to LCCT.i THOUGHT it would be cheaper,and time saving.
it was a friday,so thats why maybe there was a took me 45 mins to reach putrajaya sentral and it cost rm45!thats around rm15 more to kl central,which might take me only around half an hour to reach. Geographically,putrajaya IS much closer to s.alam than kl central but i dont know why it took longer,and more money.i didnt memorize the erl schedule so i ended up wasting 26 mins waiting for it at putrajaya.
my normal route; s.alam-kl central via taxi(rm30) and then erl to salak tinggi (rm12.50) would take around an hour and a half to reach. since it involves goin in to kl first,the probability of being caught in a traffic jam,is supremely likely.esp on fridays.
route 1-s.alam-kl central[cab] then kl central -lcct[erl] =rm42
route 2-s.alam-putrajaya[cab] then putrajaya-lcct[erl] =rm55
route 3-s.alam-lcct[cab] =around rm 60.

i cant say which one is more time economical but route 3 is seriously risky since you might get stranded in a traffic jam.route 2, should be the best if theres no jam to putrajaya.putrajaya to salak tinggi is around 10 mins and salak tinggi to lcct is around 20 plan your trip better,i think it is best if you have the erl train schedule;life would be MUCH easier.

am currently in Tasik Banding now, and the view is spectacular :)
the drive up here with papa last nite was warm,familiar, and delightful.i have always loved being in the passenger seat of his fortuner, de-shelling peanuts for him and talking about weird things,topics that are rarely ever brought up. sipping hot choc and white coffee on the go,in the pouring rain made it ever more cosier! :)
this is the view i woke up to this morning,subhanallah!:)
fav shot![daddy cant see the art tho :(]

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jibs@gffxs said...

xtually, erl schedule..took off from kl sentral every 30min..started from 5 or 5.30am..huhu =P

Nabilah Rashid said... u tell me~

aint sweet enuff?