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never.a.boring.story|nabilah rashid|faith love hope

letting emotions run through the nerves to the keyboard.letting her heart out of it's cage.

here she is it comes the tears reappear.
listening to songs that makes her weep more inside.
yes,she is at it again.she is even having pauses to write this whole paragraph down.stopping for long breaths,inhaling,to suck in all the air around her.sucking in as if its the only medicine that can cure all the messed up things shes feeling now.

dear,why do you always let the weaker side of you win?enough of crying yourself to sleep.tears arent your best friend anymore,remember?you said goodbye to them,quite a while ago.u vowed to never or at least seldom acquaint with them anymore. you told yourself,that you can do this, you can pull off, and you CAN be strong,rmember?

dear,you chose this path.
dear,you keep replaying it out loud in your head.

but oh dear, who is there to fool?
nobody.not a single soul.

angels have broken wings sometimes.and at some point, the everbright sun will come down,no matter what. every peak, has it's valley. the clear blue skies,have their gloomy clouds's okay to shed a tear sometimes.because everytime you're feeling weak,when u think you are weak, u are actually giving yourself the opportunity to grow stronger.insya-Allah.

Every soul must taste of death, and We try you with evil and with good, for ordeal.wa ilaina turja'un.
-al-anbiyaa,verse 35.-

just have faith,dear.have faith in Him.
fill your heart with faith,so that theres not a single particle of space left for doubt.

i'm going for a bath~~~~~

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