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What I like About Him


I like the way he spontaneously smiles.

I like the way he blinks his eyes.

I like his eyes.

I like the way he shys off after saying sumthing sweet ,or pretending it didn’t come from him.

I love the way his fingers sync in harmoniously with the strings, creating perfect melody.

I like the way he always appear laid back

I like his style.

I like his shoulders.

I like the way he speaks to me.

I like the sudden silent gaps on the phone.

I like the way he cares for his family.

I like the fact that he knows how to carry himself well.

I like the way of him being totally frank, and unafraid.

I like the way he changes his hair, after I tell him to.

I like the way he runs his fingers through his hair.

I like his unpredictable phone calls.

I like the way things are.

I cherish the way he wishes me good morning and goodnight every day.

I cherish him singing songs to wash my blues away.

I cherish him caring for every single detail in my life,like the way my hair falls on my shoulders.

I cherish the way he comes up with brilliant surprises.

I cherish his sincerity.

I cherish the way he pulls a sulking face when I get too close to another guy,but laugh and joke around to cheer me up.

I cherish the way he imitates a kid’s voice, just to talk to me and hear me laugh.

I cherish the way he stares at me, as if nothing else in this world matters anymore.

I cherish that he bought me a giant bear, knowing I love bears so much.

I cherish that he trust me enough to tell everything.

I cherish the way he respects other people.

I cherish those unexpected nites of candlelight dinner.

I cherish the way he walks behind me, stepping in my footsteps left on the sand at the beach.

I cherish the way he always hides his hand inside his pocket to avoid them from grabbing mine.

I cherish the softness in his self when handling kids

I cherish the way he endures all sort of hardships for me.

I’m crazy about the way he makes me feel.


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