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there he was.perched up in front of perfect his stature,his masculine posture.For a second he looked like David of Michaelangelo,except that he was in a sitting position.

He didnt gaze away for long as he looked back,straight at her.Fixed on her face as if there was nowhere else he'd let his eyes off to .His stare,meeting her very own eyes.Piercing slowly through her veins gushing straight into her heart. His eyes, shone like the morning sun.Those strong eyes, that she had never really crossed with. The face, the features, so familiar she can almost barely memorise every inch of it. His hair, fell into place just the way she likes it. She never approved this style on other guys, but on him, it seemed like a majestic crown, complementing a glorious,grandiose king.

She kept staring at him too.Seeping all of him into her while she can.Or maybe it was just out of curiosity and bewilderment?They had never met before.She swear,they hav'nt.but he has come daunting to her before.Not once or twice,but a few nights before this. He was always smiling,always there, always near her. The feeling was a sort of silent therapy,she might say.Like finding your favourite blanket you once lost. Like recovering your stash of precious crayons you were once obsessed with when you were much younger. Like seeing someone that you are so sure you've met in your previous life again.Deja vu.

This time it felt different.Slightly.He was aware of her stare,so he fiddled around with his fork,playing with his food. Carefully he lifted the pieces of the meal close to his mouth. There was nothing laid in front of her on the table for two that they occupied.So, she placed her elbows on the tabletop instead,so she could rest her head on it comfortably while stealing a long gaze at him. She can pretty much feel the corners of her mouth touching both sides of her ears respectively. By the looks of his facial gestures, she can tell, that he nearly laughed out loud watching her grin so goofily, like the cat in Alice in Wonderland. Yet,he kept it in and coughed out only a friendly chuckle.

"This is too good to be true", she said.herself unsure of why she was too elated.
She must be dreaming, she thought to herself.So she tested the old-time method of prooving to ones' self that he/she was not in a dream : the pinching method. As expected, she felt no pain.It WAS a dream.So she pinched her cheeks harder,pulling it in all sorts of direction,hoping that a stronger stimulus would definitely be sensed by her receptors.She tried over and over again,but stiffly,she felt nothing. She must have looked like a clown in front of him.He just shrugged his shoulders of and lightly shook his head with a small sly smile,shaped on his mouth.His eyes moved to his plate of meal. Too shy of staring at her for too long,or maybe just because he had to look away .How would she know how he felt?He barely gave her a clue of when he'd come and go.He barely told her who he was.How would she know?Maybe it's because she feels like she has known him all along.And from the comfort she has when shes with him, she can tell exactly how and what he felt at those instances.

"Well," she said to break the silence."Since it's only a dream, i guess i can come closer to you,then?"
Oh on earth did these words made their way out of her mouth to a guy!She felt like a part of her pride has been ripped off.But the pain of the rip,she wouldnt let go.Because it hurts too good. She remembered that after the one time she gave her heart to someone who didnt care for it,she promised and made a vow to her self; that no man on earth can be trusted. The fact that her heart was scarred didnt bother her,because those scars are living proof that she lived through the pain.She made a resolution,never to surrender,never to let her heart win again.But somehow at that very moment she blurted out those words to him, she seemed calm.Calm in this huge pillow of comfort his presence never fails to offer her.

"No", he sternly said. His voice was soft as ever as he called out her name,her full name and then afterwards added,on "behave yourself".He finished the sentence with a smile that contained the same amount of bashfulness and wittiness.

Their eyes met once more, as the image of him, the table they were occupying and the diner in the background slowly faded away,replaced by the piercing rays of sunshine.She felt the heat on her skin of her cheeks.Only now, her senses seemed to be working.not when she wanted it to,but when it was too late.

Tell me please,who are you,familiar stranger?

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Malena Fendi said...

Weyhhh,, what are u dreaming huh??? HAHA

Nabilah Rashid said...
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Nabilah Rashid said...

hahaha.i dont know.thats y i'm asking!

aint sweet enuff?