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These darlings are adorable.they arent my favorite flowers.come to think of it,i dont have any favorite flowers,yet.hehe

i usually take HOURS before i buy a new perfume, sniffing each scent every store has to offer until i find the right can be very disappointing sometimes cuz at the end of the day,every scent morphs into the same thing and i end up just picking any one of the bottles,to save my senses from anymore nasal torture.
well this time, nasal torture no more,thanx to papa!love you papa!heee *hearts*

Marc Jacob's Daisy,is no new release. They have a 'sister' fragrance;Lola.A lot of other reviews say that Lola is more adult-ish, far from the age range targetted for Daisy(18-25,yeay i'm in the range!^^) .Daisy scents a slightly sweet tinge,balanced by a very refreshing note,conveying a sort of grassy spring-meadow feel. It lingers long,giving a pleasant smell that just shouts 'heres a young lady ready to charm the world'!
The scent is distinct,nothing i've whiffed before and one more bonus point is that its an EDP,which means=more concentrated and longer lasting.

The base notes include: wild strawberry,violet leaves,ruby red grapefruit,gardenia,violet petals,very sheer jasmine,musk,vanilla and white woods.
No wonder i easily fall in love with this scent,it has vanilla and musk,the two top choices on my list. i have always gone for sweet, fruity,bubblegummy smell,so i'd have to say, this is an intermediate. A minor sweet part-infused with its own fresh and ladylike characteristics
change is constant,and it never hurts to try somethg new,ryte?
feminine sweetness captured in an overrated!
(spring repackaging)

there are also other variants of daisy:
the pop art edition
the first release,in EDT.
the limited edition packaging;Daisy Blooms,complete with stickers.hah!

The bottles might be different,but they all smell pretty much the same.the versions only differ in the emphasis of notes,though it does not affect the whole character of the smell.

oh,but wait.theres moreeeeeeee:

Marc Jacob Daisy,pendant watch.

Daisy solid perfume ring and gold pouch.

Beauty pouch
Daisy Beaded Bag.
OMG!They have DAISY BAGSSS!ADOOORABLE!genuine leather supercute ftw omg wth!
okay.i better stop myself before things get ugly -.-

thanx again pa!i know i can trust your taste.almost-- most of the time.:P

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