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Hello! again.

Hello old friend. hello familiarity.
hello there again after such a long time, my dear silent sanctuary.

its been more than 365days since i last poured my heart out here, since i last let my rage run free or plant words of sweetness revolving around things happening in my life.i havnt forgotten your existence, no. but sometimes i've been just too overwhelmed with emotions that i keep staring blankly at the screen.

Dusty it is.and as i scroll down my past writings, i'll have many weird facial expressions and 'girl-what-were-you-thinking' moments. Yes, i admit. some of my posts are downright humiliating, lame, superficially-bimbo ish,typical, nerdy, soo emotional and just many more adjectives i would think is appropriate if i just keep it to myslef(as in my monologue). Anyways, those reasons should never put me off writing.i miss writing.i miss letting my fingers dance here on this very keyboard, typing nonsensical paragraphs of words, that sometimes somehow brings a smile to my face when i reread it. And it just doesnt matter how lame or not, because whatever i write here will be just like a photograph. a moment, captured in time.
a touch of nostalgia, and a hint of emotions bounded by my very own words.

Well, just to keep this going strong, reasons you SHOULD NOT stop expressing (i'm talking to myself here);
#1-nobody ever reads this (constantly enough) except you.and prolly your kids one day, when u have to scroll back here to dig out stories to tell them.
#2- you write for the pleasure of yourself. to release your thoughts. freely.uncontained.
#3-you're gonna thank urself one day later, kiddo.
#4-no.nobody is gonna use this to blackmail you.
#5-do what you love.with passion and purpose.
#6-having paragraphs written,somewhere, is better than just letting it linger in your head.
#7-capture your moments. be it through photography, or plain words. dont let them get away, unremembered because they are too precious.
#8-heres a small piece of your sanctuary. make it count.make it alive.

and as i finish of this post, i still shake my head in utter disbelief of my incoherent-ness and lame-ness.oh well but heck who cares? mwahhaha!

what was supposed to be written on this paper was; "this feeling shall last"
so heres your chance to make your moments last.

so, 17 months to be exact.of silence from expressing myself here. so much has changed. so much has happened. too many life lessons learnt, and a lot of eye-opening realizations uncovered. a turmoil of emotions strapped onto my roller-coaster of life.
lets recall.and write them out one by one, shall we? its never too late after all.

So heres a toast to writing, again. *swings a fresh french-toast piece of bread in the air*
okay.i sense of humor can be just so lame sometimes -.-"

Looking forward to spill here soon!

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1 notes :

sangabe said...

Dear Fathin,
You've got a good flair of expressing your feelings. Good gracious! Keep up and keep it up! Love to read more of your writing and will keep it as titbit during my away-from-home journey!
Adios my lady....

aint sweet enuff?