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The Bacteria Days arent Gone

things i favor the least, a.k.a despise:
#1-the smell of raw nutrient agar powder.
#2-the smell of bacteria inside the incubator.
#3- waking up 30 minutes before apptmt time.

things i newly discovered i like and least despise:
#1- maen tarik2 parafilm.the texture is chewy,like sugus (western version:fruitella).just that it's in a film shape.
#2-taking pictures via microscope eyepiece,using NIKON COOLPIX.aha.
#3- vortexing contents of test vibrates hard :D

#4- the wonderful smell of 70% alcohol.mmm.ahhhhhh

but i like number 1 the most.someday,when i'm really bored and have like a surplus like overflowing money, i think i'll buy a stock of parafilm to play with.then i can let my kids play with them.then my grandchildre.then my great grandchildren. efficient.heh.

*i think those bacterias have gotten into my head.

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