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Have you signed the royal guestbook?

alahhh hai!
i sooooo badly wanna watch kate and wills punye wedding.but im stuck here in akas,sek 18!gaaah!my last hope is yahoo tv @1 a.m. PT/4 a.m. ET .macamlah all the streaming will be crystal clear and free from any stuck/ frozen coverage. oh well,do i have a choice?
actually,once upon a time (before his hairlines receeded) wills a charming,handsome, adorable, deep-blue-eyed prince..he was the reason pple went to london; to get these~~
prince will's postcard
royal stamp!why didnt i have one of these:((

or maybe just a glimpse of his side-profile *sigh*
annnnndddd nowwwwww:::
like, lain gilerr ryte?sorry will's i had to reveal your looks pun i was kind enough not to put up and upfront, overview of ur balding hair. :/ xpe wills.alopecia is common.nanti gi Yun Nam kayh?^^

many hearts would flutter as he walks by.this man abides by his mum's footstep, dedicating months in a year to scrub toilets,feed,and teach a group of underprivileged people.
Kate?i know nothing much bout her.except for the fake that she has 3 namesakes,and comes from a rich,upper middle class family.dah.and thats all.i malas nak carik more abt someone yang curik my potential ehemehme. *coughs* as if i even had a chance.
and to think that for that period of ONE year i was there,not once i bumped into him!haha.kay,wake-up-call, a prince wont be strolling through walthamstow,hackney, or hydeppark,will he?huh.nooooooooob.-.-
again:as if theres even a chance.
so,amidst this craze,people have been doing all sort of crazy things in conjunction with royal wedding. The british are real obsessed with their royalty,especiallly with the presence of someone they hope can fill the place of beloved lady Di. someone who has stolen prince will's heart.Having cupcake, royal wedding screening parties, cushions with the couples face embroidered to name a few, have been the centre of peoples' interest as we approach 29th april 2011, the BIG day.

but, 1 thing caught my attention. Betting. Like, seeeeeriously??okay.ur initial reaction might not be like mine,cuz u'll think that its normal,depa kan mat salleh,betting to nombor satu,mesti la,xheran~ and whatsmore,their 'matchmaker' actually set them up to meet again (after they broke up), at a horseracing event a.k.a betting haven. But,its the THINGS they betted on,that made me go liiike, seeeeeeriously?
alrighty,try browse through this :
-kate middleton's father to be seen crying
-prince phillip to be seen asleep during wedding service.
-prince willian to DROP the wedding ring *gasp!*
-kate pronouncing prince will's full name in the wrong order during the wedding vows, or worse pronounce PRINCE HARRY'S instead. *double gasps!!*
-colour of the queen's hat
-will kate be late, on time or early for the wedding

And these were actually obtained from a compilation of 101 things that could go wrong during the wedding. Imagine yourself in her shoes, cant wait for your big day, then discovering that people have a whole book,dedicated to things that might go wrong during the wedding.poor girl.poor,poor soul. :|

so based on my calculations, go HERE to view the live streaming of kate-will's wedding at 10 a.m. GMT on 29th april, which is around 5.p.m or 6 p.m. mesian time.IF im not mistaken.but yahoo claims they'll start airing by 4.p.m mesian time.cant wait!

happy weds!~

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