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full of ones for the first day of this year,the first year i'll have a '-ty' in my age..yet, a recap of last year?not full of number ones for me.but all in all,i think i did learn, a lot of things, from my own mistakes and from other’s.

to tell you the truth,i dont really quite like last year.but even writing that sentence,i feel that i’m being such a spoilt little unthankful troll thats never, in order to divert from that direction,i think i’ll just jot down the memory of today.

1st January 2011,i spent the whole day with my parents,in my everfaithful baby vi(name manje for myvi.petname la kunun).We seldom get full concentrated times like these together ,so i pretty much savour every moment of it. The silence in the car when we passed through the hills and valleys of the malaysian peninsular highway,somehow takes us a trip back to memory lane.

I NEVER get tired of driving and the three sentences my ears were trained to this time from papa were:

#1-“jaga lane,jaga lane”

#2-“jangan laju,hujan, turun bukit”

#3-“slow slow, corner lipat tuhh.ishh budak ni lahh!”

okay.most of it were like that lah.but 1 thing good i noticed is papa seemed more more actions of his legs trying to jam the invisible break and he no longer holds on to the handle,above the window frame.this can only mean two things; papa is used to my driving OR my driving has improved.and,in spirit of accentuating the positive,i choose to believe in number 2 :)

i didnt get sleeepy at all this time, and i loved the pure time we spent gets my mind off from thinking i have to go back to INTEC(nightmare=\),at least.i like these sessions cuz out of the blue,you get to know unexpected things.hehe.i love to ‘korek’(dig out) my parents secrets. stories of before i was even how papa would carry books and food for mama, how mama was trained before meeting her bapk mertua, and how they were nearly involved in arranged marriages by family.

WHAT??rewind….!arranged marriages?lol.

then they told me how crazy studying was[which sent chills to my marrow].and they started mentioning names of people who repeated,who were referred and those people turned out to be good doctors in the end..i can see now,that this is THEIR reverse psychology for me.and i appreciate it .haihhh.

the topics went wild,almost about anything under the sun and they seem more open now, at least i think. for a while,we were talking about bunga telur, mas kahwin and their wedding history,along with other family members’ story.and papa was giving a warning [which i CLEARLY undersrood] in a semi-joking tone, that i am too young for involvement in relationships.yeah,he means the romantic kinda relationship.BUT, one sentence yang ‘x boleh blah’ [or in other words outrageous] from mama is……

"adik,kalo ade boyfriend, mama ketuk kepala dia.ha, siapla”

omg.tros feel like nak gelak guling sambil driving inside that parents can be real funny,on any given occasion,they are my heroes,they are my idols.~first love that leads them to marriage.and alhamdulillah,they went thru thick and thin together.i notice, they’re (slightly more) inseperable then a teenage couple yang still warm warm (err,tanak tulis chicken shit)yang still warm warm core body temperature (tak cukup sweet lah) yang still warm like the heart myogenically pushing blood through our arteries and veins.. wah!!x puitis langsung petuihhh!

so,yeah.i look up to them a lot.and mama papa, dont worry. i wont have a me.

eh,but i’m STRAIGHT,okayy.haha

hopefully i'll get to be a better me.insyaAllah.amin.

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