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Lagenda Budak Setan

movie melayu.starring ahmad no.farid kamil.lisa surihani.que haidar.and a few more.
my friends said:
'best gilerrr!'
'ko patot tengok.ak sukaa sangatt'
'it's one of the best malay movies i've ever seen,and i dun mind watching it over and over again.'

bitter truth: I DONT THINK SO.pelik sangat ke aku ni?or maybe when they said 'good' i put my expectations up waaaay too high.i dont watch a lot of malay movies, i only enjoy the few good ones: sepi, pappadom, and sepet.Sepet,especially,changed my whole perception about malay movies.i watchd it during my sem break.a month++ ago.I know its a lil late to write a review.but to those few who feels regretful for not watching, dont.put your regret to a better cause.PLEASE.

so i have to admit,the story line for LBS was interesting,moving. but honestly, freaking predictable.i could've easily guessed how'd the story would go starting from the 30th minute of screening. i mean,i think other people would have been able to fill in the blanks too.and i just think that the whole plot of the story seem to jump from here to,there are these gaps;before one event/conflict resolves,it just gets forgotten and a new one comes in.get it?like no'd be better suited for series in my opinion, where they can focus more on these little details.

the gore blood, when lisa surihani had an accident,still reminds me of sirap drenching a bucket of sirap pekat over didnt look realistic was a head on collision,and there were no smashed glass or crumpled bumper,just suddenly lisa sitting there behind the wheel drenched in sirap pekat.or maybe tomato sauce.and with no scratch/cut/injury/ impact wound, she just,bled away.

the beginning excited me a bit.putting cicak in the heroins' coke.cute way of fate bringing two people together.but then,they instantly bonded and fell in love with stiff conversations.not to mention,the whole script was boring and dead throughout. some actors can make falling in love at first sight sweet,and sorta keeps you believing that it does exist.but lisa and farid?maybe theres not enough on screen chemistry.maybe its the less coherent story outline.or maybe,it could be just me.

one more thing that kept bugging my mind was when azmi,her ex came all the way to her campus to fetch her, and tell her that her mom was!bukannya telefon takde,komputer takde.bukannya takboleh msg,mms,bbm,im,call,skype,ICQ,or other means of communication.why,would you ever need a guy (especially your ex) to tell you that??nampak sangat tak prihatin hal mak sendri tengah sronok sangat becintun sampai nak call mak sndri pon taboleh.huuhhhh.*panas skejap*
saba saba.nak buat ceritalah gamaknye.takpelah,let it be.

sometimes terasa my 'intellectual being challenged'.~quoted from Coach Ridz.hehe.tetibe teringat.sorry coach,pinjam ayat! :P

tapi one improvement was the camera.i think the picture quality was satisfactory.and the way dye capture the the camera and angles were set was really nice.i really liked the part when both of them cycled up to this spot on the hill,and another one when farid had to go to some kampung pedalaman,the clear blue waters was heavenly captured.
at least kan,we're not like those indonesian soap yang after satu event yang mengejutkan will go focusing every characters face for a good 30 seconds,tunjuk riak muka mata terbeliak etc etc.and then lepas complete one round of close up of all the characters,the do another good round of face-focusing.can you imagine? offence la.that IS really accentuates how firm the faces of those actors and actresses are.heee ;D

oh.tapi the ending was pretty sad.but not a twist was expected.

so overall LBS verdict: another disappointment.>.<

oh yeah another thing.i x agree la why thay have to be so close like this.=/

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2 notes :

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

i'm guessing the cinematography is the only thing worth mentioning :p Btw sepet was actually a great production. So sad that there's not gonna more like it anymore since Yasmin Ahmad passed away.

Nabilah Rashid said...

faer:yeah!sepet revolutionised my view of malay films.sepi was good too.but i just discoverd that the cinematography for LBS was lead by a mat for effort la~ :P

aint sweet enuff?