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Medical school.Does it really get easier?

'it gets easier, trust me' 'it'll all be worth it soon'

two of the most common things i hear people say about life in the medical line. but really, easy?

im thankful first because i'm not the case of where i'm forced to do this because my parents wanted me to.i kinda needed a little nudge into this road when i was at crossroads between medicine, veterinary science and biotechnology. (ah,those young confused days). i've always loved biology and being able to learn more about how life forms work always interested me. and so, as i grew, becoming a doctor, seemed more and more fitting as a career for me. i get to help people with my work.that is oh-so-cliche but as a young girl,i think that was all i knew. come to think of it, each job in this world helps people,in one way or another.

to be brutally honest, i cant straight out say that 'i've always wanted to become a doctor'.because i havnt. between ideal perceptions, self-interest and fulfilling parental wishes, i was kinda taperd/ tailored into this field.Not to say that i dont like it.but time and time again,loads of questions pop up into my mind;can i just stop and be a good housewife and mother?could i have pursued something else that can take me where i want to be instead of stuck at the same phase? am i built for this? can i survive through this till the end, will i make it? which all boils down to one question in the end:
why did i ever choose medicine?

and everytime i have this question, i just close my eyes and tell myself.because it was your choice, because you love it, and because He laid out this path for you to embark on. Yes, i do love medicine. The knowledge, the practical aspect,surgery, the patient contact, the hardships, the humor, the joy and the sacrifices,and everything that comes with it.

if He believes that i can take on this challenge, then why can't i?

Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear[1:288] 

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