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I have a big C****

Haha.tajuk berstar intended to give the element of suspense.anywayyy,its been ages since i last posted..
so. i just finished my last paper for a levels today.and i refuse to comment bout it any further. -.-
whyyyyy?cuz i juz feel like blurting out everything and making no sense.okay,valid enough for me.

going back to the main title, i have a big C on sumone.heeeheeee *muke miang*. a very big one.and usually when i have crushes,i ignore it.honest.cuz i know its never gonna work and i am sorta wayy too shy to start off anything first. and when i start to ignore them,they become temporary. they only work out at times when i really fight for what i want.haha.that was really unnecessary O.o

so in this case, my crush is sumone who doesnt even know my existence.i think.
but it keeps haunting me back bcuz :
-he's amazing,and oozes out charisma!i've never seen a typical malay guy quite like him.becuz i usually choose to stay away.kot.
-my friends say i should masuk line(?) siap kate baik meminang cepat2 before org laen amek .(apakah?)
-i sumhow magically have an amazing informer, who stalks my crush and keeps me updated.eventhough i NEVER ask for it.and this informer gives me constant encouragement that i should try. walaww
- i hav a friend of a friend who is the cousin of my subject of current admiration; who is more than willing to 'ngejah'. hahahahaurmmmn.

so its no use if i just post a picture of my crush here cuz i think its pretty obvious who.and if i post it my crush might get deeper?

oh god. crazy posts come out if ure just freakin bored,or maybe just because.
someday,when i grow up.i'll look back at this and laugh my heads off. xD

*one more less reasons to palpitate,now that one not-so-secret is out . :D

pitcha taken at kinokuniya klcc.the words are partially me,kut?haha.
cuz lately even the slightest things make my hear beat like crazy, like; before masuk exam, if i see someone i DONT wanna see, if i left/lost sthg, when im driving and a motor/ car comes out of nowhere and i just missed it by inches.i was never like this before does this happen to other pple too? :(

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2 notes :

najibahhassan said...

ececececece..siapakah gerangannya? tp x obvious pon sbb aku xtau..hehe

p/s:bkpo blog post mg x kluar kt dashboard aku?? aneh2..n i miss you! <3

Nabilah Rashid said...

auwweee.u tatawu ke sape...?bagusbagusbagus. then its not that obvious lah kot :3

aint sweet enuff?