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salutes to you..


i bet if i dont translate the sentence i typed above, a lot of pple would still b able to decipher the code. :)

hes a cool dude.but,thats not number 1.most importantly, he's aware of his roots, and very much take to heart, of his duties as a muslim; to dakwah, 'spread love, and spread islam', as qouted by him himself.i've seen his first few clips, i think he wasnt THAT popular back then, but still, his videos catches my attention.eventho,that time his camcorder/ recording device is not as clear as now, i still liked his style. plus, hats down, thumbs ups to his loghat utagha. i think its adorable. heuheu~ astaghfirullahalazim.

the reason im writing this, is not to promote him or anything of the likes. Well, he barely needs any promotion now; d guys got his own domain name, and a email domain too!named after him. 0-0 thats like :wow.i dont think mahathir has his own emaildomain name. xD
this dude is legend...wait for it..dary! haha!

why he became so popular?here are a few suggested answers :
( markingscheme lah plak.lame binti noob -____-)

#1- his English
He's a tesl student, and he speaks english so dem well!not like those wannabees e.g: 'why you dont want to friend me?' type.haha. i rarely hear him mess up his tenses, and his speech comes out flowing,spontaneous, and very authentic.though, he does remind me of kevjumba sometimes,cuma, the malaysian version ^^ mnyejukkan telinga. and i might add, better too!

#2- his writings
i discovered his new blog abt a week ago, and the stuff he pens down was nothing near jibberish. he always chooses an issue, always something worth discussing,and then ,like, gives it a 360 spin, changing the way you'll view things, and again, his english is perfect.his writing style is one of a kind and engaging,not the typicalblogtype slang you see often now. his old blogspot site was worth a read too, but thats the more..literature-artsy side of him i think..there were a few entries,short stories to be exact, snd i admit i was hooked on to them. *-*

#3 -his style
the way he edits his videos, menyejukkan mata telinga hidung dahi.haha ok forgivemefortalkingnonsense. :|
and he himself:cool.selamba. relax.mata like a cross between dreamy and i-cant-b-bothered hat,i think thats his favourite accessory and sometimes kaen pelikat!haha.i've always loved guys in baju melayu, and now he's making me think kaen pelikat is awesome too.gahahaha. *coughs*
plus,this dude has some serious authentic pure original (you may insert more words to accentuate my statement) sense of humor! cool and funny yaww!

but my number one reason why i salute this dude is:

---->his niat.and the messages he tries to portray.
when i first saw his vids, i, not that noob, he's kinda funny, and he knows how to edit video and audio to make it interesting..but one thing i notice was how he tries to include advice, or pesanan, spiritually,i mean like yg ad kaitan dengan agama. like tazkirah..kot?
an entertaining, fun, eyecatching, and mind juggling tazkirah. and lately, he's been updating more too, sometimes sharing links on interesting articles, and reciting hadis in his vids.
to be frank, i'm impressed. so, this guy here,instead of doing acoustic covers or lypsinc/miming to songs or acting all goofy and making parodies, he chooses to utilise his free time to berdakwah..and to know that, ade lagi malay boys like him, kinda relieves me in a way,menyejukkan hati [haha.for d 3rd time] alhamdulillah. :)

so, whos he? do i need to spell it out,evryone knows dah pun. lol.
salutes to you, inianwarhadi, barakallahufika.
sejuk hati [4th time mentioning dat word] parents yang dapat anak like him..your parents must've brought you up real well to become the man you are now.

this is his latest vid.pengisian yang mantoppp.teehee.and i dunnoe if its just me, but his eyes are shining and gleaming cam mata spongebob :0

notetoSELF: kalau orang lain boleh buat,awk bile lagi cik adik oi?berdakwah tu tanggungjawab,sampaikanlah ilmu/ ajaran islam walau sepatah kata pun..
Dan hendaklah ada di antara kamu satu puak yang menyeru (berdakwah) kepada kebajikan (mengembangkan Islam) dan menyuruh berbuat segala perkara yang baik, serta melarang daripada segala yang salah (buruk dan keji) dan mereka yang bersifat demikian ialah orang-orang yang berjaya.(Ali-‘Imran: 104)
subhanallah,ya rabb, ihdinassirotol mustaqeem~

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