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and it's been a while now.

post title?

not's been ages.
was busy with raya haji,then hosp attchment,and now program with peka intec.
theres just so much to tell,for each of the events above.but i just dunno how to start.or mayb,being home,sorta inhibits my blogginism.=_="
13th nov i had an interview with Ben,from,14 n 15th was just hangin round kl,discovering uniqlo.16th,i started driving upto kedah (it was raining elephants and hippos),17th involved a lot of brutal meat cutting acts, and finally on 18th we reached kelantan.thankfully, for the journey s.alam-kedah-kb, no new speeding tickets were recorded :DD 22nd -26th was the whole week of hospital attachment,where i saw meat,in the flesh,pain and suffocation and even death.

and here i am back in akasia.its awfully eerie and quite here.the whole block 1 is empty,infact the blocks near it are all empty two.if akasia was divided into two,only the portion near the gate has residents.and we can be numbered;around yeah,walking to get stuff from my room sent shivers up my spine.i'll have to kill my ego for the nite,and stop pretending i'm not afraid cuz i frggin am!Lol.alhamdulillah my dear friend was kind enuff to ask me to her room.

sequence of events for the day:
1-the day started with a lecture from dearest papa abt time managmt. =s still cant get that right.
2-nearly missed my rescheduled flyte.miraculously managed to check in 30 minutes before estimated time of departure.
3-out of havoc and rush i noticed i left my roomkeys at home.thankgod for plan B; duplicate key at nearby shop;)
4-started reading peaks and valleys,finished peaks and valleys.
5-left luggage in the shuttle bus at salak tinggi ERL station,only realising it after passing through the ticket-automated gates.thankgod bellboy brought it to me while laughing and saying 'forget?'.oh.i did not appreciate the laugh that much.but he was good enough.thank you mr.bellboy:)
6-almost nearly ran over some dude's foot with my luggage-trolley-bag.i felt it hit a small bump,the next thing i know, i dropped the handle which landed on the guy's foot.a sincere apology from a flushed red faced girl,who was embarassingly humiliated was accepted by the kind unfortunate man. 'takpe,takpe' he said, while i walked away heads down,covering my face with the book i have in hand.sorry again mr.honestly from me.wherever you are.
7-nearly got my first summon at INTEC gate.i have sneaked and survived 3 semesters,but on this monday, which actually happens to be a no-class day,i nearly got my first summon.guess what the offense was....pakai shortsleeve?nope.pakai tights?nope.xde kad matrik?nope.wait for it,wait for it....

pak guard:"adik,tidak menyangkut kad matrix,maknenye tanpa tali dan bekas merupakan satu kesalahan.dan saya kena tulis saman suapaya nanti bila ade orang HEP tanye saya dah ade bukti dan saya dah lepas"
me:. . .*startled and clueless*[but inside my head:you wanna make a big deal out of me not hanging my ID card?its not tht i didnt show you,just that it was not hanged bcuz i left the casing at home and u want to freakin saman me for that???]

for the past 3 sems, i barely put on my nametag be it at college nor INTEC and not once was i caught for summon.but,my record is steal clean now. =) (only after i promised pakguard i'll go buy the casing at ko-op straight away)


8-alhamdulillah.every valley has it's peaks.the whole afternoon was ultimately precious .i LOVED spending time with the kids, beratur in a line, walking together, and hearing them call me 'teacher2' was priceless :)

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