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sentuh. :)

*hearts* i feel so touched when im with you :)

background song: untouched the veronicas
mood : touchy

yepp.i hav set my hands on the ipod touch 4th gneration and i am in l-o-v-e.
-clear camera,HD recording
-SPEAKERS!!(i wont hv to wear earplugs when playing taptap revenge anymore!)
-lightweight,less than the previous one.
-retina display.( tgok movie bleh menitis air mulut.dripdrip..)

painful truth is i dun hav one lagi.ooopsie.forget that last word :D
i just tried my friend's. its the 8gb one.same mem space as my phone, bt impregnated with apps.i unlocked all the songs on taptap on his itouch.reached level 3 k brape touch; ipod touch 4th genration, you hav touched me~

when will i touch you again?

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aint sweet enuff?