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cinta pakai buang.

interestg 1st glance it sounds like sumkinda t*u*l*w****a pakai buang. simply translated to english is 'disposable love'/this was an event coorganized by nisa,with wardina as one of d speakers along with an oncologist(if im n0t mistaken) and starring aizat:openin n closg songs.

#unfortanately i didnt get to go for sveral frens were kind enuf to share recordg and stories though=D
amazingly a gr8 crowd turnd up evntho it was held at giants carpark/section 18 shah alam.despite the drizzling too.

anyways a few points n facts caught my attention, which is definitely worth sharing :D

#1-a random survey was done on 727 muslim youths in mesia,the question was "does any of ur frens or any1 u know hav experience of doing IT?if so would u say ther r more than 5 of them?"
sadly.50% answrd YES. confdntly.
#2-a casual obsvation done by d speakr dr found out that when couples were seen together and askd directly if they are girlfren-boyfrend~simultaneously girls would say yes while their guy partner will admit theyr just friends.
#3-single girls tend to wondr why theyr single when almost evry1 arnd them has a partner.they feel like sthgs wrong wif them and feel the need of a guy.
#4-girls do need constant reassurance.compliments especially.which is mainly the father's job...when fathers do this they wont get easly influencd by c0mments by guys who juz wanna get in their pants.
#5-this is my favourite part.=) a father is always a daughters first love.true enuf thats y i think papa feels so reluctant to see his children grow up.its cuz he doesnt want to face that one day his baby girls will love a man other than him..
also relating to the earlier statement i do remember seeing kids/ toddlers who wanted to marry their father.nothg to do with inc** no.please think of it in a sweet way;).
as in, from the perspctve of a 3yr old who knows nothing but just sees her father as the ONLY man in the word, the perfect man~.oh. and i rembr theres an ancient chinese saying which goes sumthing like; a daughter is actually the fathers lover in d previous life.which i think is uber sweet!*superhyper like! :)*
the dr also mentioned that a caring father is one that cant bear seeing his daughter sleepg without a blanket safely wrapped around her.again.sweet~~..haih.
#6-wardina kept saying why fall in love with a guy y x cukup solat?if he doesnt love his creator to even that slightest bit pon what makes you think he CAN really love you?and i requote her sntnce..="TINGGALKAN DIAAAA".and i agree wiht her so much..espcly whn she said PLease girls.u DESERVE SO MUCH that very moment.i realised my choice was right.true GodTheMostMerciful forgives you anytime you plead.and i know HE still loves me.thats y things happend.alhamdulillah.syukur.:)

kenapa si hamba tergesa2 mencari cinta yang x pasti.x kekal.x hamba begitu jauh mencari.sdgkan cinta hakiki ,cinta robb ,sentiasa berada bersamanya sepanjang waktu?right in front of our fact.He is closer to us than our jugular vein( reference to,Qaf :18)

*forgt my monotonous tone and lack of punctuation.typing with a phone is very

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