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smell :)

touchy touchy~|;

.my disarrayed thoughts.
hahahuhu.i havnt fixd my disc brake yet-i miss home.a bit-i miss having time-miss driving ma and pa out for dinner togther-i'm currently dumbfounded-mixed emotions-thers a list of thgs to do,but i'll have to keep that after finals-my frequent posts are due to study leave pre-exam stress.

1)Marine Groove - escada :too sweet that it smells sorta cheap.
2)Diamonds - Beyonce :too strong!
3) Rock Me - Vera Wang : slightly spicy and tingy.
4)Guilty - Gucci : elegant,ladylike smell.
5)5th Style - Elizabeth Arden : very strong at the beginning. acceptable at the end.
6) Bright Crystal - Mariah kari : =_=' sorry.but i dont like the idea of celebrities trying to create their own 'scent'
7)Top - Lacoste :hmm.lacoste has perfumes?
8) Circus fantasy - britney :too strong.
9) Heiress -P.Hilton. : i refuse to say anythg nice.
10) Le Secret - Givenchy: sweet and it!
11)Tease - P.Hilton :maybe out of bias,i think it smells slightly slutty :0

lastly, i got Le Paradise -Nina Ricci for my friend's 19th bdae.
thank god for coffee beans who let me regain my sense of smell! sniffing 30 scents and above does make you dizzy.
*the comments are based on my own preference, no offence please!:)

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2 notes :

Malena Fendi said...

what a lucky friend :)

Nabilah Rashid said...

lucky to hav 20 friends to share the presie~ ;p

aint sweet enuff?