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sunway= awesome!! :)

Today was awesome.

The end.
HAHAHA.dont dream that,those two sentences are all i can say about today. bcuz, out of ripped pants and so called preserverance to stay OUT of water, i decided that WETS is BESTS.
heeeeee :D

At 10++we bought tickets rm70, for 3 parks;amusement, wet and wildlife.yet, we olny managed to venture only two parts of sunway lagoon.still i think it was worth every penny:)
(eventho my water bottle was confiscated*haha.kerek gler mende ni pon nak berkire*)

ride number one:
wild wild west. machoness still under control, aside of my butt being practically lifted off the seat.

ride number two:
Pirate's revenge. memang revenge kawkawwlah.haha.x scary much, cuz it was moving super slow.but i could feel beads of nervous perspiration on my forehead. a bit.

ride number 3:
tomahawk. giler x tahan. i had to shut my mouth shut so i wont puke.regret taking milo ice for breakfast. was wet, sticky,humid,hot and made 2 complete 360 was too much upside-downess for my organs. my blood was pooling up in my brain, and didnt get co come down yet and we went for anther inversion; deathwish. memang cari maut~

ride number 4:
scaryyy.ghosts?vertigo? nahhh.WATER slide!haha.i didnt plan to get wet, friends managed to drag me here.colorado splash.i was afraid i would get wet,amazingly,i escaped dry.jengjenggg~!!

ride number 5:
buffalo ride.ride budak kecik,malu sehingga menutup muka.
BUT, my body reacted as in about to puke way.luckily, no puking whtsoever!

ride number 6:
grand canyon river rapids.BEST!! trying to avoid water splashing ryte at ur face memang best.this ride actually depends on pure luck. theres no mathematics or equation on where water might splash in. we though we figured out when and how and where water will splash in, we were so wrong. evidence: farah got kuyup, the whole lateral~ HAHA. (seronok glakkan org mentang2 kite x basah.HEEE.)

ride number 7:
ride number 7 was lunch :D not a ride sangat lah.but we stopped for lunch,ice cream, solat and a change of outfit, all ready to hit the waters!oh, and my plan to stay OUT of water, was an epic fail~! cuz evry part of me got wet yawww,till my fingers pruned up!

ride number 8:
we went on this slide thing.Congo challenge;AWESOME!!eventho we had to wait for long, and i had to face this scary muka-kerek-lifeguard, twas all worthwile.oh, manual to ride this piece of rubber : none.just poke ur hands in the holes at the front, grab it and hold tight to your chest, and just slide, but instead of sitting on ur bums, ure lying flat,the other way round, and u go headfirst,cool! :p

ride number 9:
african pythons.took the leftmost n the middle.the righmost was fully covered,so, x challenge lah. amirah said she saw me raise my hand up in the air from afar.haha.thats the least i could do to get the 'feel'

after that, i think we just waddled through the river and the big pool.amazing how 7 chics can fit on a 2 seater feet were among the few nobel propellers.haha.we had sum drama in the big pool; 'sumone'' pants got torn at the bumm.LMAO.but all is well.we went out only when the rain was too heavy and when we heard thunder.due to the gloomy wheather and long line,we couldnt bother to see the pics captured by sunways amature nikon-ers (haha.saje ckap amature).after changing and asar, we got back safe,sound and happy :)
the pelampung (;

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