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Last years wishes are these years apologies.

hello world
i look happy right?excited?super bersemangat.ceria.cheerful.etc etc.
tday, i lost another RM329.95 T___________________________________________T
and i discoverd that i might loose another RM400 T_______________________________T
and the past week, i hav lost 87.95 T____________________________T at WATSONS.
okayla.memang sengkek giler ryte?bukan MY money as in the one i get out of my titik keringat peluh sendiri kut.but its just that i dont like it,when i loose money(especially when i'm far from parents and lesslimited supply).then again,who does kan?
i just got my myvi serviced today.
the price for a standard se:
sparkplug x 4 =50
balancing n algnmt=45
chamber, fix&adjust = around 60
minyak itam and minyak segala bagai= around 200
cuci enjin (using air, as in udara) =6
cuci body,outside= 5
okay,thers a few more but this is as far as i can rmember, and inclusive of 5% gov tax =
-_-' sighh.

well,about the possibility of loosing another 400 is due to my brake disc bengkok.
perodua guy : cik nabila ke?.ni kereta cik kene blablabala *carries on talking bout car stuff*
me brape ye harga?
perodua guy :stakat ni, 260..
perodua guy : cik xnak cuci enjin ke?enjin kotor sgt ni.
me : err??
perodua guy :alaa.6 ringgit nampak kotor sgt ni.
me :bolehlah kalo camtu.cuci enjin jek.
PG :lah,kete xnak skali?cuci body,15 hengget jek.
me :*blank* uhhhh..
PG :xdek bezenye.cuci je la.body kreta ni pun saye nampak agak . . .
me(self monologue):'eh eh eh.pegi promote plak kat ak.lpas satu.satu.da la nak kutuk baby ak.hishh.gram!'
me : yelah2 la ape yang patot =_='
PG :okay.baik.trima kasih ye.bye.*bercakap nada victorious*

perodua guy :sy drive kete cik ni,time break ade rase kureng sket la.sye check2 tgok2 brake disc kene tukalaaaa.

*sweat~* =_='

so,actually,the brake disc wont affect sgt performance. (i least for a short duration of time)
to fully change myvi se brake disc:
rm120 x 2 PLUS rm80 (breakpad) x 2 = RM400

haha.macam2.important thing is, i learnt sthg new today.
as for the title, its from fall out boy's *inhales deeply* 'im like a lawyer with the way im always trying to get you off' phew!
and true enough,our wants and desires keep on changing.always wanting what is not in reach, what we cant have, kan? for example :

lol.oh.nanti i wanna write about perfume! *excitedexcited!* haha.

*dear blog,please disregard my language for this post.due to the study leave and cramming info right up my cerebrum till it pokes my medulla oblongata i hav lost my negative feedback to stop me from crapping.homaigod i sound so nerdy B)

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