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how to's ; a bunch of definitive guides.

#1- how to deal with selfish people

best quote: "They(these selfish people) know that they're difficult and won't respect you if you pretend they aren't. If you have a sense of humor, use it. Everyone loves to laugh. But keep the interaction short and sweet."

#2-how to deal with impossible people
best quote: "Be the opposite of them: a possible person."
#3-how to deal with people you hate?

reasons people want to prove they're better than you,(when you just cant see the point, and you dont see how it can benefit them);
1-its one of their never know kan?they mustve felt threatened by you or somewhat.
2- they are definitely jealous.thats why they TRY to show you that they have something better.
3-in their creepy world, the ideal planet would be a place of people full like them.thats why they cant simply be more considerate instead.
4-theres a probability they dropped their heads once when they were babies.dropped so hard that they lost their common humane sense of being considerate and not impossible to other people.
5- someone treated them like that once;monkey see,monkey do! so thats why they're just looking for a vent to repay it back to some innocent soul.
6-its their hobby.kinda like how a sociopath( meaning;someone who has disregards for the rights of others) scribbles on the wall at how many times he/she made someone miserable,these people who want to prove they're better then you actually feel they gain a point in a game evrytime they manage to do so.
7-MAOA. excessive monoamine oxidase can disrupt the level of dopamines in your brain,thus interrupting normal chemical communication in the neurones. HAHA. :3
8- its the best they can do to make them feel better. therapy;is a word with extensive defintions,including those of the sociopath's
9-why people want to prove they're better than you? cuz THEY ARE JUST__________. (feel free to fill in the blanks with your own descriptive words)

inconsiderate people; lets just think they're there too keep the world at a balance.(?) *positive thinking*

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