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tell me, is this just a phase?

a shot from a stall in mahkota parade;those captions are too adorable@-@

i thought all girls akan automatically gasps and feel this 'ooh-aah' warm fuzzy feeling when they meet cute babies.or toddlers.(n perkara y sama waktu dengannya). i know i do.i get excited and'ololo comeynye' when i see baby clothes,dresses and headgears for girls. everytime i see those little babycrocs or any baby shoes i feel like snatching one and turning them into keychains or phone charms. whatsmore when i see live babies yg comel.ouh geram!
i always have the urge to grab one of these and turn them into keychains :3 C-O-M-E-L

i always tell my sister 'i tanak kawin lagi tapi i nak anak sendiri' then she'll give me this look.haha.i sounds soooo wrong. but,i do adore babies.when we were in europe all d babies looked like miniature barbies, i only watched them from far,smile,wave and maen2 ciku-chak cuz im afraid their parents will think im sum kinda paedophile or creep yang playing with their children.believe me,not everyone likes their children being touched by random people on d street.
major cute baby alert!: walking mini baby doll :3

being the youngest, and when people ask 'nak adik takkk?' i'll answer with an annoyed smile with a big fat no.yeah.memang,i dont want a little brother/ sister cuz i enjoy being the youngest,to a certain extent.anyways, the only chances i get to hang out with babies (lol at that sentence skejap) is when i balik kampung.since i dont have any nephews or nieces,i'll always layan all my lil cousins, anak cousins, and anak2 tetamu yg datang ke rumah.pathetic kan? T.T

since i never got the chance to jaga any babies like spanjang all my life & 19++ yrs of living, last week was a major achievement.i always never had the courage to hold newborn babies cuz they're so floppy and i have this image that when i hold them i'll mess up with their bones or somehow cause their posture to be distorted.but,last week,i naturally held on to my little baby cousin.anak cousin to be exact.we have the same name, fatin!!! everytime i acah2 and talk to this lil baby she'll smile.oh em geee, feels so good when you hold the baby and make them smile.and also, that was the first time ever that i lullabied a baby right to sleep. baby fatin slept on my lap. i also learnt a wonderful trick to make them sleep by my eva-wonderful mommy; usap telinga,those baby ears with ur fingers and u can see those baby eyes getting sleepy and ralik.subhanallah! omg!gram! ok dahh.this is the second where i tell myself to snap out of it.><

talking about lil kids, my lil cousin imran is super spoilt!he's the king of the house,at age three.-.-' what imran wants,imran gets.sighhh.but hes just too adorable to resist.his hobby is to silat in front of me, play angry birds on his daddy's phone, wrestle with ultraman, and change outfits 5 times a day.the first hour he'll be wearing cargo pants, the next u'll see him in jeans and smart shirt.haihh.imran imran.
baby imran; who can resist that whole dose of C-U-T-E!?

so when i got home and told my mom bout how spoilt imran was my mum sneered at me!and my sister joins in teasing me too.apart from the fact that i hold the award for the loudest screamer/cry-baby ('sampai satu taman kenal fathin nabilah yang nangis' bak kata mama) there are a few interesting behaviours of the old me that i could not believe.

my mum told me that,if my mum gives a kiss to someone else,e.g; another baby,i'd sulk all day long.then i'd ask my mom to 'buang balik' the she'd have to physically move her hands, grab the invisble kiss on her mouth and do the throw-it-to-the-ground-gesture. and that was the zaman when flying kisses were popular, so when my mum catches a flying kiss,e.g from my sister, i'd yell to her to throw it as in ; 'buang balik,buang balik kiss tu!!' oh god.teruk gile p.h.d i mase kecik2. :0

then my sister told me how she remembers so well when i would cry every time amy mastura came on screen.why?cuz she has the same name like my mom; mastura. so i'd yell 'mama,kenapa orang tu amik nama mama?suruh dia buang balik.tu nama mama!' =__________='

obviously i dont remember any of next time i intend to say or even think about how spoilt a child is,i'd stop and compare it to the junior me first. hah.

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