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5.1 années merveilleuses, mon papa, mon héro

inilah hasilnya:leme cam + photoshop sukahati -.- tapiiii papa tatapp hemmsemm :D
happy birthday, papa!

my papa is 15 years young (?!) haha but i love him more and more.hes more handsome than evaahhh!!
cuz u know what?i'll never get tired of ur lame jokes and d way u will instinctively move your feet to brake the car whenever i'm driving! (:
although the surprise dinner plan didnt work out as well due to sudden complications, i hope we made you happy~
papa,you're my hero and ALWAYS will be my number 1 man. you're my idol, my strength, my inner courage and everfaithful supporter(esp economically,LOL)
i think i resemble you a lot,and everytime you look at me and say that sometimes i'm exactly like you,i cant help but to feel proud! yeayy!
so,it turned out a pretty planned posh dinner-just turned into makan2 at posh rumah:
-baskin robbins ice cream cake
-modified english bread and butter pudding (i put in nuts instead of sultanas in order to celebrate you!)
-peanut butter tart;a first timer's try-but mama said it was ate it anyways kan?;p
tie polka dot + baju belang: papa, the new trendsetter.
i was putting on my tudung dat time and we were in a rush,tgok2 he's all dressed up like this.x sampai hati nak tego.heuheu~ bt i'm glad u were so happy with the tie! ^^

my birthday present was a last minute one; but it almost took all day! just a simple polka dot polo tie.SIMPLE? haha.round satu aeon jusco to find the perfect tie. with your old tie in hand,the ONLY one you wear from day to day basis, i went frantic in search of a tie with the same length, width, and resemblance in every inch.sampai all the salesgirls were like '.....apakah?'.haha.ikut pi la depa nak kata apa; 'knapa la budak ni bwak tie berbulu and pi ukuq2,ish peghak betoiii' (okay,dorg x exactly say that,its just my inner conscience x| besides, mai mana plak org melaka cakap slang utaghaaa.pergggh) hahaha.

dahla lepaih tu nak bawak ice cream cake baskin robbin tu bukan maen susah. kakak hak duk juai tu pon buat sombong tuuudiaaaa! ghasa nak lempang sbuteq tapi hati buat besabaq je la demi bli ice cream cake kat papa.dah sampai waktu order siap,nak pi ambik cake,depa kata dry ais habih pulak.aihhh,dekat nak naek angen dah cheq depa habaq lagu tu.dah la x habaq awai2.lpaih tu,cheq tanya bila nak buleh tunggu dry ice,depa kata minggu depan sampai =_____= aduih.skali lagi tangan ni beghasa nak mlayang jaa.tapi takpa.cheq tekad jugak nak bawak cake tuh.masa kita nak cepat laa timbui macam2 masalah.dengan traffic light nya, dengan jamnya, dengan gheta sini sana potong cheq nya...tgok2 cake tu ada cayaq sikit.tapi seb baek papa tak pghasan! hihi.
there you go.satu perenngan kut bahsa utaghaaa in tribute to u papa ^^ terer tak terer tak adik?;p padahal i think da becampur baur dgn loghat kelantan dah ni.hatoiiiii T_T

so finally; exactly at 12 a.m., we sang you and celebrated as a family!walopon sorang tu juz thru
papa,saranghamnida!saenghilchukka hamnida!

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