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like whoa!

its not dusty here. its mouldy and infested with spore-bourne fungi :0
that, was a simple understatement to how long i havnt been posting here.(forgive the CRAPPINESS) how on earth can i keep up a diary if i cant write in it constantly/ periodically.-.-'
well since we did not have a stable wifi connection during our 14 day eurotrip,not to mention the fact that the only way for me to access the internet was thru my ipod, keeping uptodate and posting a new entry was VERY, we walked all day long so by the time we arrived back to our hostelroom,we'd be tooo flat and have just enough ounces of energy to cleanup,pray and drag ourselves to bed.nevertheless, it was total awesomeness:).alhamdulillah,it was a perfect bonding time wif my sis aftr 6 years apart.
this was my escapade.from perfect escapade.:)

its been more than 2 weeks since i set foot back in malaysia, but still; i just managed to upload pictures of the first stop of the eurotrip.and,this is the first post to date.sigh. tis sux mannnnn. :/
i hate it when i cant meet my own expectations.haha.who doesnt kan?
as soon as we got back to melaka,i had to show my sister around,and like always get all the chores done;pay the bills, get stuff, survey this survey that.last week was my first long distance drive (without dad's supervision) from melaka to kl and lost in kl making our way to cheras for like 2-hours.phewwwww.stressfull gile!
a lot happened.really.but its just like i cant be bothered to jot it all down.i was never good with keeping diaries.but,heck, i'll try hard this time.
most of all; i miss my soulsistas real bad now.i miss our k.b house too.i miss the whole kelantan-vibe, the language,the food, the people and those familiar streets where i loved to speed.hehe.half my life in penang, and another half in,its logicla that i miss it this much.biaq pi la org nak cakap i'm a mek kelantan (whatsoever), i <3 kelate.haha.since when did this post turn into a pro-kelantan one?haha.
alryte, lets run away from this mushy sadsad vibe and lemme end this post with a totally unrelated but jaw-gawkingly true statement :
shopping in europe during the summer sales equals to extreme ecstatic euphoria.haaa,amek hang!
anddddd,im still not over my little not-so-celebrity crush.:D
goodbye blogggie.sorry i'll have to abandon you again; for this weekend, is time for sum strict extended-family qualitytime in kedah pulak!
shooting off to kedah tomorrow morning.toodles!

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