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never.a.boring.story|nabilah rashid|faith love hope


Great. You, are just epic.the best. above all, not a single creature in this world could ever beat you.
So you think by running away from your problems, hiding away, from the world, from the people you used to care about so much and the things you used to love, and turning yourself into someone you completely don't know of,then, your problems will just melt like chocolate on a childs hand? Guess what. it'll just get messy.
Does it give you any PRIDE in yourself, when you treat yourself saying its okay,on instances here and there, and just play along with it?You think this'll allow you to grow into a graceful butterfly? you're still stuck as the same fat ugly catterpillar.crawling in your own world.
and on certain days, sometimes just out of the blue,when 'those' songs are playing either subconciously or not, when you feel haunted by your past, you just cry and break down?trying to somehow suck in all your breath so that other people wont notice your tears,you think that is braveness? that is just a subthreshold below COWARDLY.
and what, have you achieved, for the days after,all the days that had passed you?for when you promised to yourself, and to the ones who mattered that you'd be better?are you?look at yourself.take a good look at urself.cuz i'm sure even the mirror would be most reluctant to reflect on it, an image so thoroughly hideous like you.
everytime, taking it as it is.accepting it in your own most gracious,normal way.was that the way to fix your messy, tangled self?did you ever try?if you did, was it HARD enough? question yourself, are YOU worth it?
getting a thrill,the rush of euphoria and ecstasy running in your veins everytime you put your life on the line,gambling it,you think that would have made this world a better place?well, other people will just have to grumble to clean the dirty mess you've made once you've left this world.
and mostly,you'd think that all will be well,but have you put in enough effort?pushing and pulling within your own soul, will that give you what you want?everything that you have done, which almost equates to nothing, will it let you grasp the dream you have always envisioned?or at least, let you smell the victory u keep hallucinating on every know and then?
will YOU, leave out all the rest with a reason to be remembered?
even a slight peek at an inch of your face makes me want to puke at the first sight.
when you thought no one else cared,did it even occur to you why anyone in particular should have cared for you?it can be put to much better use than you.
and after your dreaming,when you woke with the fear of what you were leaving behind when you're done here; did you wake yourself up to reality and tried to be better?
how can you expect people to just forget the wrongs you have done, and help you find a reason to be remembered in the end?you'd be remembered one day,oh you will; be remembered as a pain and burden the thorn pricking in their very soul.
to not resent you,is like saying no to the angles,and to keep you in memory, is like opening the gates of doom to one's self.
cuz honestly,it's better feeling empty than having even any piece of you left behind.
forgetting,all the hurt inside
you've learnt to hide so well
pretending someone else can come
and save me from myself.
i cant be who you are.
i cant be who you are.

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