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test market

test market

no.i wont be predicting the rise and fall of wall-street related topic here.sorry to disappoint you if that was what lead you here.
but,this is the most suitable clause that i cn use.
simplest translation ; mencuba pasaran?

okay.i think this is smthg #soMalaysian..therefore,i might have to use malaysian terms.
test market is simply acts done by,especially guys, in order to see how 'hot stuff' they are,and whether whey can woo girls or malay,basically its..

1~ using 'weird' emoticons in chat.
weird-like sappy emoticons are:heartss,i love you, and kisssmack icons.
so,you've been totally easy, open and really on 'justfriends' terms with this guy, totally no hints from either parties. then he starts doing this weird things when u chat/text/communicate.and then mula lah say, 'ehh..i tsilap tekan butang' 'eh, apa i buat ni' 'eh, tersilap panggil sayang pulak' when theres no response / discouraging response. epic fail,dude. EPIC FAIL.period.

2~ boleh saya jadi abang angkat awak?
believe me, it ALL starts with abang agkat.they go under the mask,pretending as a caring,loving 'abg agkat' only waiting to lure you into their traps. thus the sentence up here,is off limits.major alert for a guy yang nak test market..

3~saying those three words,out of the blue.
i love you,is not meant to be said all the time,to everyone and anyone,however and wherever you like,dude!if you keep on,then it'll just be like any simple hi and bye.tolong lah faham!preserve the sacredness of it.say it,mean it, and feel it.
so when u're textg/chatting w someone n they suddenly type out i love you in a kidding manner, it's just to test market. man up lah,wahai lelaki.if you want to confess, do it like a clear. and dont mess up a girls mind will you?sorry. terlebih emo when it comes to these 3 words cuz i think the true meaning of it is lost now.:S

4~Compliments. like way,overboard, mengorat punya compliments.
'why do you have to be so pretty?' 'you have beautiful eyes' 'sy rase awk cantiklah'
can you sense any sincerity in those.forgive me for being skeptic but; big FAT no. :P

5~cat calls.bird calls.mouse calls.
whatever they call it; is simply the lowest class technique mengorat that can ever, random guys will be standing, and upon seeing a pretty girl, they'll make these mice sounds.i think they're actually trying to make a sort of kissing sound, but its just too buruk that it sounds like a mouse finding its way in a longkang.and i guess these are done by the ones who dont know how to whistle, and hence they choose the mice sound.whistles or what i name as bird call,eventhough its not exactly a chirp, is 0.00005 level above the irritating mice sound,because the latter is just disgustingly offensive. :|

6~ bukak tingkap kereta trying to say hi to you.'
okay.creepy ryte?this happened to me once to the extent that he actually followed me for about 15 minutes and i had to speed and get in between other cars so that he'll lose me and wont be driving next to me while flashing that creepy grin.creepy yaww!
>< other than that, theres instances where the guy actually tempts to race you, he drives at par w you,moving at the same speed, and then hits the accelerator paddle to roar the engine,as if saying 'hye awak.jom race.' sambil displaying an annoying smirk on his face. sigh. macam2.*-*

so these are the normal 'test market' techniques favoured by most guys in malaysia.(that i can think of as of now) Feels like im doin some kinda research report.
message to all jejakas out there;honestly, guys, if you like someone, why dont you just tell her in a normal,gentlemen, polite-ish, non offensive way?
and this question is yet to be answered.

done ranting for today.cheers! ^^

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1 notes :

sangabe said...

Haha...... What an interesting feelings out of a Londoner who hails from Penang and pretty smart in expressing her words to identify the potential traps out there!
Well, you might be right as when we're a youth our methods to "trap" our potential love bird was to pretend that we have extra movie tickets but our friend didn't turn up....sob3.... We are afraid to see the movie because it's a horror movie and we need friend to go along! Haha....thinking allowed, what the heck you buy movie tickets if you're afraid to see?
You start to ask questions and questions and at the end you got dissolution yourself! So normally test market is normal but you're right my little girl, just do it rightly young man out there!! To the guys out there, don't simply ranting out of nowhere just to find out how much the price of love that isn't for sale......

Good expression my dear Fathin! Remember.... Don't give up! Keep it up!

aint sweet enuff?