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I cant say goodbye.

date :29th June 2011, 10:21
location : window seat,ETS train to batu gajah

I hate goodbyes.never been good at me,parting is an understandable routine.I do seem to cope very well.but heck, saying farewell to me is like pulling thorns out of your throat.and there's always this lump of (phlegm?) that u can feel barely hiding behind your epiglottis.I've survived a couple of goodbyes,but I just hate them all the,I like to keep it simple,short,so it won't feel at all like a goodbye.

Yesterday marks d graduation of my 730 days in intec and kolej akasia.that goodbye was easy.honestly,to me the two years was close to hell.truthfully,there were still some memorable moments and a bunch of wonderful people I've met along my journey here.most important,this phase and place taught me a LOT.I can literally feel myself maturing,growing up.sort of slowly ongoing the transition from my teen years to adolescence (I'm 20 but I ain't old yet ahahh!!)

The roughest goodbye is with one of my gaffixs sisters.people call us twins sometimes for the fact that we behave the same;our speech, movement and expressions(definitely not physically cuz there's a STARK difference.HAHA)

Practically I've known this wonderful lady half of my whole life.that'll be 10 years precisely.we grew up together.discussed stuff together,developed differences together, compete against each other, support one another, and probably know each other like no one else does.from classmates,to tablemates, to debate team partner, groupmates in almost all d other non-academic activities and the last two years as college mates;surviving together,leaning on each other in this new world none of us are familiar with. We do get head to head with each other at times and of course there were moments we disagreed with one another, but usually,it's only cuz we're worried.and all the time,we'll just get on like nothing happened.there's this beauty of our sisterhood that only me and her can understand,and nothing can change that.

Lol.cant help to lol a lil cuz this pakcik beside me is so concentrating on this Tom and Jerry movie they're showin on d train sampai tenganga2 mulut!LOL! xD

Ok.back to main last Monday we spent an entire evening at empire,crowd gazing,cam whoring dekat serai while sharin pavlova for two was so sweet!sampai I takut d people there will ingat were a lesbo couple.haha!tp heck,do I look like I care.I dun have much time with my soulsista here so hampa nak cakap apa2 cakap pi lah!

till 10.30 we got back at college and lepak-ed at the gazebo till I think,sharing a triple choc soft cookie and talking bout everything under the sun.(or Mayb under d moon in dis case).even though we were no longer classmates,and only get to meet each other in weekends, this latenight chat with her made me feel like I never missed out on anything.pretty,simple and,to break out the emo moments and sad mood,I picked a few wild flowers by the grass,and twisted them round till both of us had a no-money-can-buy-ring-Cayalah! :)

Nextday,sunway yang tersayang menjadi pilihan hati;p shoot tros to our favorite,I dunno when I'll find anther friend yang like the same thing I do,shopping,food, music,naseb bek when it comes to guys our taste is like complete opposite,pheww!;) then,today jugak,our wish to try out fullhouse since end of 1st sem lg tercapai,yeah!the drink and food wasn't all that great,but having the moment spent with my soulsista,made it magical than evah.Huehue.sempat lagi usha abag Chinese yg perfect Malay accent tuh

Again,during our grad dinners we weren't sharing the same table,bt it was okay.tday though was hard.we went to sek 17 to buy her ticket than back to akasia,took my computer back from repair and then I had to shoot off to bangi. No lunch no elaborate parting just a short simple sweet hug. Just the way I like it.
Even though our time abroad won't sync I'm sure sgt3 sure we'll meet up again somehow,and very soon too. :)

Seperti biase I'm very jiwang (acecehh) but I'll let u read it when the time comes eh?hehhe.

xoxo. Thank you from the tip of my xseberapa septum,for everything and every second.please accept my sincerest apology for everything yeah! I <3 u bebehhh!xnak sappy2 dah nanti org dalam train will think I'm having sum kinda of breakdown or smthg :/

This isn't the end,it's just the beginning of a new chapter.hopefully a brighter one :)

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2 notes :

Jufa Eriana said...

alalaa syuwitnyee awwhhh ^^

nrlafqhcmz said...

Ohh b, I'm soo touched. I love you because I miss you whenever you're apart, but alhamdulillah somehow I'm feeling this warmth inside because you are always close in my heart. All those times when I was hurt, you always have your 6th sense on & always there to comfort me. Thank you beyond words, for being my family & my baby:')
In the hope to meet,
Shortly again, and make our absence sweet:)

aint sweet enuff?