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new chapter,new beginning

22nd August marks my first day as an official IMU student. i got my embroidered medical labcoat, got my portfolio and schedule and had my ID picture taken(which would turnout horrible,i bet).well,i already hav a plan to stick a hamtaro sticker on my ID to hide my hideous pic -.-'

we'll have three weeks of orientation,including the 7day raya break and so far,1 week is done. it's nice to be in a place where u can make medical jokes and people get them and wont think u're some kinda weirdo geek or smthg.haha.come daytime, we had all sorts of briefin possible n by nite time the orientation slot with seniors begins.the slots ended late, so most of the time i can only sleep by 1.30 a.m.

This was a picture of my first lecture in IMU.the prof was real fast like jumping from cardio to gastrointestinal system in 5 seconds.n he was blabbering about how some people hav their heart situated on the right hand side due to 'embryonic origins'.by the time he showed an x-ray slide of a penile fracture,i was more than confirmed it was BIG TIME FIBBING.Penile fracture,huh? =.=' hahahahaha.seniors prank, what a way to welcome the juniors.nevertheless,i wont hesitate to say the orienteering committee was awesommeeeee despite their explicitness. ;p

perhimpunan in front of IMU, driveway ;) aftr treasure hunt
they had treasure hunt the 2nd nite and i guarantee you,this was no normal noob treasure started off with a video teaser (video teaser just for treasure hunt?come on lah, kottt:D) showing that we needed to find clues in order to solve and cure x211,an epidemic abt to spread in IMU. the whole IMU building was dark and the escalators were stopped. and to add to the eerie-ness, they had a crew spraying fog,giving a more mystical vibe n horror feel! the pbl rooms sorta turned into a ghost house and i must say,this was the first that kinda scared me(a bit). but the higlight of the night would surely be the historical moment when i discovered that i actually had skin contact with an amphibian;a dead frog with its stomach dangling,to be exact...was in the grip of my palms for about 10 mins (mayb?). n more interestingly, i discovered only cause i was curious. after the game was over ,and when i was allowed to take off my blindfolds, i immediately asked my teammate what was it that i had in my hands.i remembered him saying; 'you really want to know?'

how i wish i never i wish i would just say no and feel blessed that i was blindfolded and be ignorantly blissed. *-* too baddddd

The few people i instantly clicked and felt like family would have to be my orientation group,group 3 yeahhh *insert enthu tone here.our group has one of the best names ever:
TRI-0-SOME. me,u wouldnt want to know how our cheer goes. the flag; was majestically epic!
*faces were blurred due to doctors confidentiality pledge.LOLL ;p

my orienteering officers of seniors from sem2 sem3 sem4 and even sem5 was the bestest!!!caring,cool,awesom,enthu (new slang for enthusiastic), dirty(in a good way, i tink), cute, thoughtful, kind, adorable, funnehh,resourceful, selfless, FUN,to some it all up, they're TERBAEKK lahh! :)

my view from 14th floor,vista komanwel B2, second last unit on the left hand side :)(:

to tell you the truth, i'm more than thankful to Allah that i managed to secure a place in IMU.even so,i feel intimidated, scared and gerun, when i see how packd my timetable will be which just sends a shock of revelation that i am a medic student, i am in medschool.
the people here are all smartypants, brilliant brained and super geniuses.aaaaaaaaaaah ><

my journey is still long, and there'll be more hurdles along the way.i hope i can do my best and dont get drifted away. for once again, i'd like to be the best, too.insyaAllah.
i pray that i can carry my roles and fulfill my responsibilities to the fullest and at the same time realise how beautiful life is.amin ya robbal alamin.

see that blue glow? thats my uni.=) stadium is at the back. (this feels really surreal!)
alhamdulillah, Allah the Greatest :)

therefore,i would like to end this entry with this;
my life as a alevels student has ended.thank god!!><

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najibahhassan said...

oush! congratz! =))
ehh, mg dh dpt rumah ke?? ke mg duk hostel?? =_=''

aint sweet enuff?