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and after all..

WOHOOOOOOOOO.err.what was that for?

nothink.i just felt dat it was SOO long,and i slightly feel like i've been muted.
why?#1)unit 6 report #2)a-levels #3)no good connection/laptop crash #4)-#10) repeat #2

sigh. and yeah,my interview.IMU interview.
honestly?i just dunno what to say.i felt that it went well,up until i discovered my interviewer was Prof. Victor Lim(cuz he introduced himself as prof lim,and i was to nervous/bedebo to bother back in the intvw room). whos he?nahh.hes no specialYB whatsoev ..he's just the Executive Dean Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences IMU. !!!!!!#!$!!!! *long breaths*
huh. again,it felt okay when i was in the room, when i got back, and when i heard my frens talking abt their sessions, it made me more anxious. and made me feel like i was less better,inferior,not good/not impressive enough to both Prof Lim n Dr. Shiba (if i'm not mistaken)
and it sounds like my colleagues are waaaay better than just..feels that way.
honestly, the amount of anxiety,agitation and restlessness in me now can topple down mt everest.
basically, it started off with me talking bout myself (haha.sounds so superficially plastiquee -.-)
then we chatted on bla bla bla. then suddenly he asks me to pick a controversial issue.cuz,in the beginning i told him,i'm not into politics =-=
so my controversial issue was stereotyping,mainly doctors;in the context of housemen and specialists towards the young ones.
then bla bla bla.then it continued on to stereotyping with AIDS patients. then the crytical thinking question was:

i) in malaysia at one time, treatment for AIDS was,the govt only gave free treatment to those children who cont AIDS from their mothers or those STD.drug addicts,were'nt given treatment.what do u think abt it?
~so i told them what i thought.and they werent provoking.!!that makes me more worried!!
ii) another condition,a dr. wants to carry out bypass on his patients,but on one condition:the patient promises to stop smoking.If the patient does not do so, he will not do it.You think this is justified?
~smthg like that la.and i didnt think they tried to change my stand :( tatoooot.

so,then,it ended.oh,and sumwhere in between, i remembered recommending them sakae sushi and tellin them that sushi king's rice will only fall apart everytime you take a bite.
you, are telling u're interviewers,that sakae sushi is good,in an interview to go into medschool? *slapslapslap*
now i'm getting this burning feeling in my chest again.and im crapping. how many times have i huh-ed today?okay,lets stop.sigh~

all i can do now is just tawakkal.put my full faith and trust in HIM, for HE knows only weapons are my prayers now.i cant change the past nor rewind time..

ya Allah,please fortify this weak being of yours, give her strength.
ya rabb,only to You, i turn to.only to You i weep and beg.

to all others who are about to sit fer the intvw,gud luck mate~

okay.punch me.punch me now.

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