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exhausting week.

"dugaan and ujian" that keeps slamming on me.
magazine designing yang sgt time consuming and exhausting.unit 6 report,which i have no clue on how to complete it.a pile of books(6 textbooks for biology and 6 for chemistry) to khatam. facing the marks of trial papers,which is nearly equivalent to getting a punch in my face, multiplied by 18, for all the 18 papers.
theres a month ++ to go, and I AM FREAKING OUT.
my moodswings are playing cheeky with me, my nervous system is somehow, excessively active cuz my hand keeps shivering all the time. and finally, my whole self:
within this week i had to face my problematic computer (using non mac lappys has really taught me to be extremely patient), my external got infected with virus
I lost my watch T____T yup.15 minutes after I solat, only I realized it wasn’t with my purse,ipod n I went down and *poof* its no longer there,nor was it anywhere to be found on each inch of d ground as I retraced my step..since I lost  it at education faculty,I thot the students there would be decent enough to return it back.and, since it was after 4, I’m pretty sure its not with the makcik cleaners.I persistently checked counter pelajar and then pak guard every single day of the week.but signs.and the handwritten notice I put up also had no feed back.finally I had to:

papa gave it to me last, the value is just beyond  what money can buy, and its only been with me for less than a year.I’m so careless to let it out of my sight.sigh.I miss you.

but still, response yet.I was very much upset and really down. but, I’m sure of Allah and His plans.insyaAllah.I wont stop praying for my watch to return but at the same time, redha lah with what has happened. worse things could have happened, and maybe He wants to give me something better. maybe He wants me to learn, just tawakkal.and muhasabah diri kut,because its my fault in the first place T________________T

ya Allah,please let whoever find my watch return it back to me please..ameeen~

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