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i am no longer PRO...

next to a competent licence.a P is hideous.goodbye P!!

22nd february 2011.
after enduring 2 years of driving with orang laen pandang seblah mate.
countless tickets, speedtraps and followed by police.
being a complete *coughs* angel for fear of P licence kene tarik.

i know, am a competent malaysian driver,yeahhh!
but still,im not taking the P sticker of my myvi.not just yet.hahaaa.
credits to mei, for showing me the way to jpj shah alam where i managed to upgrade my licence in a one hour class break on a tuesday morning!salute!or else i'd have to skip class and endure the long que at pkns post office~
new licence, new photo, same crooked smile :/
new facts i discovered:
-when u press the accelerator pedal,(especially when your car has a slow pick-up,and you can basically hear the engine roar) you are actually scaring your passengers.
-confidence,is quintessential, especially when you want to take innocent, sweet face would help too, when you pass by the car you just took over.>)
-when guys who ride your car says its a thrill and calls you a drifter, it must've mean something.its up to u of how to interpret it :D
-trust you sensor when it beeps.failure to do so might cause dents an unwanted marks :|
-if suddenly you smell a hint of burnt tire, cease your desire to speed for at least 1 measures.
-NEVER, let emotions override your senses.
-when driving with your father, always drive a speed behind your normal speed.
-dont go 'oohh,ahh' evrytime you see an audi/ferrari/alpha romeo/masserati on the highway and when your dad is on the passenger seat.
-last but not least: biar cepat, asal selamat \m/

in 10 years time?maybe:P
peace out!!!!

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