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Ice Inside Her Soul

Slowly,she regained conciousness.she mentally deciphered that the sound gushing through her ears were that of strong wind and leaves rumbling.the sound of civilization was a distant away.her eyes hurt,and were glued tight together,as if her soul had been wandering around and had left her body for so long.eventhough her lids wer shut,she could feel the glare of the warm sum on her eyes.mustering all the strength she had and whats left within her,she squinted and tried hard to open her eyes.

she awoke to an unfamiliar felt more of being like in a different universe.the view outside the widely open window pane seems so alien to her.she was aware that she was draped in a piece of blue cloth.numerous catheters were connected to her hand.she saw drips that were meant to run through her veins.she could feel foreign things attached to her chest.The colorful wires intertwined from the machine by her bedside connected to various spots in her head.she had a good look again at her hand,the one laying lifelessly on her startled her,becauze the two deep punctures had her instincts telling her that the severed part did not belong to her.the pain stung up to her spine.she noticed that the punctures were only the beginning as the rest of the wounds were covered by layers and layers of bandages.

her breath was sync with the pain she feels in evry inch of her movement,every blink of an eye.

a tall figure appeared from the distance, walked in and stood by her was hard not to notice the woman's smile as it radiated warmth across the whole was like she was sent from the heavens, with porcelain fair skin, delicate soft eyes and a touch that feels like it can cure a thousand injured soldiers at war.she didnt say anything but just stood close by the bedside.

she felt a little intimidated,fear of what this woman will do to her.she was a fact everyone, and everything she could see around her,all were nothing that her mind could recognise. theres a deep want in her,to reach out to the woman, because at one glance she seemed so familiar.probably someone she'd known her whole life. her stare was fixed on the perfect face beside her. she felt like she was about to recall something, but inside her head, all the images were blurred,all the information and memories were like bright know its there,you can see it,but theres just no this point, she felt like the only part of her that still existed in her body and what was remained was only her soul.with a thousand of questions she herself could not answer.

'Who are you?' were the three words she managed to utter to the stranger who stood beside her.And it was those three words that changed the facial beauty she just saw, into a total opposite expression.'You dont know me?' the stranger said aghast,that even her melodious voice seemed to sound broken.Followed by a shrug, she again asked, 'who are you?'


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