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never.a.boring.story|nabilah rashid|faith love hope


trials was a catastrophe.for me at least.but in that short length of two weeks, i felt more connected to my housies.memang, i've always loved the fact that when exam comes, kitorg memang akan solat berjemaah almost evrytime,lima waktu. gilir2 point jari suruh jadi imam. come to think of it, this'll be the last time.haihh.:'(
surprisingly, within these 2 weeks, we talked about stuff we'd never even think of talking about for the whole 2 years of us staying together.topic yang berbangkit and berulang2, was:


apekahh??none of us are officially twenty, and we're talking about this topic?haha.normal eh, girls who are transitioning from a teen to a -ty to talk abt this? anyways, me and my roomate came up with the same statement:
'sy nak engineer.' if we can go to a walk in closet and pick our soulmate like that kan?that night, we even debated the pros and cons. puas2 tajuk epistasis, krebs cycle and transition metals, we chose to debate why we should have an engineer -___________-

-x boring. we wont have to talk abt the same thing.
-it's another whole world we have not explored.
-more exciting, since guy doctors are almost always boring.and busy.or snobby.
-a definite non-stabber of our ego.having to live with someone in your field of expertise,and a tendency of him being better than u,might cause a problem

-cakap like ayam and itik?mayb.
-susah nak relate deeply-rootly-extensively, cuz we're not that good about their field.
-clash of opinions?then again,this can happen anytime on any given condition.

so.planted beneath the little space between my dura mater and my cerebrum was a teenie-weenie thought: PILOT pun boleh jugak. calon mayb dah ade?hahahaa


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