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are we old enough?or are we young and free?

20 years old.7300 days.175,200 hours.

Are we old enough to make our own decisions?

Adoloscence, is a word too painfully broad to be described intensively.or is it?maybe I’m being a lil too dramatic.

I have a friend, a very close one infact.lets call her Un,short for unnamed.So she has made a decision that cannot be changed, behind her mothers back.reason being, she knows that her mother will not approve of her decision and is unsure of her capabilities. So Un sternly wants to prove to her mom and herself that she can do it.She goes on and continues with her decision. At the last minute, she figured that she had to tell her mum and as expected her mum was disappointed by her as she did not do as she was told.her mum said it would have been better if she didn’t make that particular decision in the first place, but problem is she has already made the decision.Know, if she takes back that decision, it can be said that she is denying her responsibility and not keeping a promise.The people involved and affected by her particular decision will feel betrayed and let down if she takes back her decision in order to please her mum.what should un do?

Un, is a VERY obedient daughter.more goody –two-shoe type that’ll listen and obey each and every of her mothers rule. Everytime she goes out, her mother will shoot millions of questions at her,checking her activities. Her mother chooses her friends for her, as she is told not to befriend certain people.When she wanted to go to the library, her mother objected and said its better if she studied at home and so she listened and obeyed. Even to the extent of eating particular a particular candy, she will follow what her mother says; ‘I cant do this,I cant do that,I cant eat this…… because my mother says so.’practically, she has never said no or disobeyed her mothers order,in every aspect.

Wow.that makes me feel real bad.Most decisions I decide myself, and I always have a stand for what I do. When I am sure that what I’m doing is not wrong, I wont hesitate to carry on.i think I am big enough to decide for myself,plus I cant be having my mum telling me what to do evrytime I want to do something.but when this case surfaced, it made me think all over again.

Derhaka, simply translated to disobeying orders of your parents, in my opinion is a strong word.I cant define it,Its too subjective so I cant put clear lines and boundaries to this.a crystalclear picture of ‘derhaka’ and the first thing that comes to mind is eloping: kawen lari. When you run off with the guy of your choice to the border of thailand, just to get married, knowing that your parents disapprove the guy, knowing that your marriage will not have your father as your wali and knowing that your judgement is clouded by your heart and emotions, you can clearly see that this is derhaka.

But ,simply eating candy when your mother says ‘ don’t eat candy,u’ll get caries’, is not derhaka, right?i mean, lets admit it.we’ve all done this when we were small, we don’t clean our rooms right away after being scolded and we still watch cartoon and procrastinate in doing our homework sometimes.or, am I alone in this?

Huh.i know I’m rebellious, and I don’t always listen to what my parents say.i’ve always known I’m not the daughter that they ever dreamed of, and I have more flaws than any good points I can imagine.but DERHAKA?

Tak nak jadi anak derhaka! @-@

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