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welcome to the family baby touchie!

Belated 19th Birthday on 31012011

no,i did NOT get a freaking new honda civic. =..=
i know,this thing is pretty much 'ketinggalan zaman 'already,but i'm thankful for my pressie <3

engraved on top is

it costs and additional rm 30.and no,it wont harm your gadget.laser engraving is 100% safe!
apple does it for free, but u'll have to order online.they CLAIM delivery will take 3-4 days with engraving, but that is minus the time of transport, retrieving gadget from warehouse, shipping, final check lah, etc etc. so,if say u place and order today, the date they CLAIM it will be posted will be around 2 weeks- 3 weeks from order date.waddehekkk?
so buying it first hand is worries of ur gadget being tossd uncaringly by the courier pple,no worries of getting malfunction orders, no risks of faulty device, and u get to ask the sales person anthg u want directly!(oh,for those yang skeptic abt shooping online and exposing ur credit card to threat,buying straight is the way to go!ho yeah!)=____=''

BUT, since there is no Machines store in Kelantan,i had to get it from KBK Computers, sole provider / retailer of apple products in Kota Bharu.
it turned out, i had to pay extra rm10 from actual price,the price stated in internet.,there was only one 32gig punye yg left that time so i HAD to grab it before it is grabbedby any other evil forces that wants to seperate me and my baby :D
one more Q: to jailbreak, or not to jailbreak?spe bleh tlg wat jailbreak free meh sini.:)) i'll upah you hanmade cuppycakes and cookies ;D

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