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Letih Driving Taw=..=

location: Jonker Street.
these past few days, (padahal baru 2 hari) was tiring wohhh.yea jumping here and there.driving frm s.alam to malacca,consecutively for 2 days.driving around melaka,carik jonker boutique hotel berpusing2 sini sana for like an hour untill finally jumpe!one day, 2-3 locations.wahh!but having a stroll back along memory lane was priceless.

its funny that it has been 12 years since it has passed,but it felt like just yesterday.uncle ali husin and aunty ana was kind enuff to take us around,we were like american tourist kat melaka!okay,maybe thats too much of a hiperbole since we are: NOT white/caucasian, NOT tall, and still look for sambal and ulam for lunch.way to go ma n pa for spirit of ulam-ness!~

but these were the things that crossed my mind along the journey tadi:
-how i would merajok gile when my neighbour calls my papa abah.i will sulk cuz i say, 'my father is mine!'
-how i had a crush on joe.sneak to junior section to peek at him.hahahahha
-how i would laught when some of my unfortunate family members got splattered with fresh bird poop =..=
-how i loved to buy rings at walthamstow.
-how we ran freely in the parks and feed swans.
-how i pronounced w0-uhh(water) and kaen ba-ik(batik) and all my sedara will laugh at me.

eventhough we werent rich.barely surviving,i think,but i enjoyed evry second of living in number 7,colworth road,leytonstone :))
mama and papa would often leave us cuz they had their master exams,so my sister would heat up fish fingers for lunch.i remember papa would walk us to school cuz we had no car.but the thing y most unforgettable, the first time tengok snow luar tingkap."eh,kenapa la org atas ni buang habuk luar tingkap?" funny.we were grumbling that our neighbours upstairs was so inconsiderate to throw their dust out the window just like that.untill we realised we lived on d 2nd floor and theres no more 'upstairs' and the dust was actually speckles of snow!haha


Jonker Street: view outside Jonker Boutique Hotel.Not that cho kia lah,nice crib :)



These??i just got back from Japan,so heres a whole loot of Jap stuff >.<

Yeah.if only i could fly off to japan with my private jet like that right?These are from the 5 Hengget shop, as i call

Daiso is a store with all stuff imported from japan;stationaries,food,storage,home appliances, handicraft/artwork section and loads more.Evrythg here is rm5! :) and i lovelovelove japanese stuff:D

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