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Hardships and frustation.

honestly,this week has been frustrating-period-
registration for our new semester was on monday,but i arrived late at the office and so i had to wait for the next day came,and i got a warning letter.reason being: not doing room clearance.Its these 'procedural' things you have to do each end of semester.Apparantly,leaving ur stuff in the room and not reporting yourself to the pejabat is a felony here.You go up there just to say "encik,saya nak balik dah,jumpe lagi.bye" ??.padahal its the same old room we'll come back to pun.huh.pfffft.pape lah pple~

2nd day of the week,tuesday we had academic normal lah.oh WASNT like normal.we had to carry plastic chairs to the hall.then sit in the path pple walk to stage.then rearrange,stand up in front of the whole hall.carry chairs to front,and......okay.stop.alryte,i should stop wining.=_=during the academic briefing, i learnt that half of the IMU students were set to fasttrack.which means,instead of spending 4 endless smester in intec,they'll be only doing 3.somehow,JPA changed their mind.JPA just so decided to stop doing this fast track thing in my year and decided oh-so-gayly to continue again for the juniors. sorry.sedikit emo disitu.=.=
after that discouraging point,i went upstage to talk to mam rita.about our individual investigation.apparantly, she STRONGLY disagrees with the idea of students doing it at labs outside campus.i reasoned out my points and she said it wont be word: "okay,see me tomorrow at and amirah".after politely saying thankyou,i sunk in my broken ship again.whtever that is~

wednesday,we got most of our papers paper?my result?i dare not speak it out.major S.(note; s can tand for any word that has or brings about the same meaning as s*ck)MAJOR.with my horrendous results in mind, i waited till 4pm to meet mam rita,our head of program.10 minutes early,did not do any good cuz there was a solid que of students already,all waiting too see her.there was like a kedai kopi already,outside her office.
4.30 pm sign of her.i was so nervous that she'd keep stern and force us to do it in intec.using only the resources there.GOSHHH!i spent a week ++ doing the trials.and that was only trials.i dug up DIRT in search of bacteria.i stained my hands with iodine and safranin. my sisters labcoat that was creme colour turned into an abstract of black smudges.i stood for hours diluting 75 solutions. i put up with the horrible smell of raw nutrient agar and bacteria [which i hate so much] for a whole week!PROOF:
bayangkan,weigh metals for all the test tubes,manually.
making sure everything was clean,contamination free,before i do a whole new set of dilutions.
if you can see those little stickers on all 75 test tubes;it was cut them and labled me.
i took the whole evening to do this.only this.
and this,was the total mess of that evening.note,only one evening.

it's not that i'm complaining but intec does lack some lab tools and apparatus.and i must say, in that lab of ours, the sterile level, might only be 0.1%.
my bacteria babies are all back there waiting for me.what am i to do!and my fren kept saying "what if tak boleh?", "what if mam rita,tak bagi?" psycho kau!mcm nak gile that agonizing hour!
i texted papa,gathered my strentgh and put all my faith in Allah.tawakkal.du'a.
and to keep myself calm and composed i just remembered this.
"fa inna ma'al 'usri yusra.inna ma'al 'usri yusra" alhamdulillah.tenang sikit after reciting it in my heart,eyes closed,hands fisted, i head to mam rita's room when she finally signalled us to come in.
She was real busy,and those sharp piercing looks she threw at us when we were standing outside her room was most discouraging.i just smiled as we entered and clenched my hands tighter.
"lets just put it this way", she started. oh no,i thought.if a sentence starts like that it always ends with a No.or something you would'nt want.
Alhamdulillah, berkat my papa's du'a.she finally agreed to give us the permission,on one condition;we must send in written statements we did the experiment ourselves.
alhamdulillah.syukur ya Allah.
at least thats one load off my mind.

"for indeed with hardship will be ease"
"indeed,with hardship will be ease"

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