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That Girl.

Nak tahu tak?nak tahu tak?kenapa kena tanya nak tahu tak when i'll write it down terus wanna know somethg that i think you dotn know?(redundant) haha

Theres this girl.this girl i know. she,is an epic fail in many ways.thats the overall outerside only,that i can see.this girl, is a no brainer.okay,no brains is to terlampau.but figuratively;a no brainer.she sucked big time in her results.BIG TIME. and sometimes,just to understand the simplest of things, she takes,longer than prehistoric men figured how to use rocks to kill or as cutlery. well, basically, her results just SCREAM stupidity outloud.i've never seen no one this far as dumb as matter how hard she just stops shes reached this level,this barrier of her inteligence cant be pushed nymore,nor can it be lifted or removed.
and it doesnt stop there. dahla dumbo, this girl pulak,is lazy.she fools around too much.sebab tu lah kut her results are like #@%%$.tapi seriously, i've never seen anyone this worst.results cam !@#$ tapi pemalas macam !@#$!. so,eeeeeeeyuuuw.this girl. memang teruk.

this girl,is almost tak berguna to the community,evryone arnd her and whtsover apatah lagi the world.she doesnt do any good anywhere even to the plants around her.maybe shes too teruk sampai plants pon x sanggup absorb carbon dioxide that she in particular produced..ape reason dye ade kat sini pun???eerrrgghh!!eyesore adelah.muka bukan cantik pon.bende2 laen?hah.tepuk dahi tanya dia sendri.kalau presence dye can be invisible-ised,i think it'd do more to good to the society as a whole.

you heard this much and yo thinks its terrible?not just yet. this girl, menyusahkan orang je.
perangai buruk.serious. okay, firstly, evrything typed above,mesti can imagine can the amount of 'destruction' she'll cause. bayangkanlah to her parents.kene tanggung malu ade anak like this.keje penat2 sara the anak to live.bela.jaga.and product skrg?dpt smthg like her?is this what they call accident of nature?entahlah.but definitely,kesian kat mak ayah die.camne lah diorg bleh still mengaku anak kan.dahla pompuan tu tak grateful.merungut je tahu.erhh,who can stand a personality like that?astaghfirullahalazim.malukah agama dia untuk ade insan macam ni in the world.that depicts her failure seen by other peoples' eyes /lenses through her faith and religion she holds tu?
bab buang mase, memang this girl terror.she doesnt know how to manage time, how to manage things and how to manage her life.clueless.yes, gives you in black and white,EPIC FAIL.

tak tahulah nak buat ape dengan manusia macam ni.she's uncontrolable.i think she severely needs anger management.she's unpredictable.this girl, shes senselesss that she listened and trusted her heart,not her brains. thats what you get when you let your heart win.

dari segi kewanitaan, lagilah fail.Bakal2 mak mertua ,lelaki, mahupun wanita sume geleng kepala je tengok dye. Apsal? x ayu langsung. jerit bunyi macam shrek.okay.shrek punye jerit scary.jerit dye xlah scary tp sungguh tak ayu.tu baru jerit je.and then, this girl, if she gets too tensed she'll feel like punching things out.thank god lah, when she feels that, there's no punching bag or punching material available.she might have still in her a streak of carefulness cuz she x punch and destroy things down.but thats about the only amount of carefullness in her.other than that, she's a total klutz. and she just has no idean on taking care of the things she owned.i think kan,she loved them very much,but it;s just her despicable,destructful,un-womanly nature,that causes things around her,to not last long.teruk2.high maintainence,tapi........?
this girls habits are weird.she speeds around up to 80 on normal traffic average city roads just to have the thrill of it,to challenge herself and to channel all her tense out.dekat highway, apetah lagi.160 pun maybe pernah sampai.oh.and she has this way of laughing.the sound?i cant find words to describe it.tapi,when she smiles,mulut dye cam tersekat.err.i tak tahulah camne i boleh notice that.but this girl,just gets on my nerves,and i cand stand her.

i x reveal her tak dikira mengumpat,i think i teraniaya just by her pure existance. so,dibenarkan talk about this.

do i need a conclusion, do i need to sum it all up?this is not a debate,but if it were to be a debate,all my points stand strong as concrete.its not an arguement,no need for that.i think everyone pretty much agress that this girl is terrible,horrible.lagi masyhuk in BM: TERUK.

this girl is a dud scum.

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2 notes :

Anonymous said...

talking 'bout urself or wut?? mcm bkn mg jahh, tp part speeding 2 i kinda can agree..hehe =))

Nabilah Rashid said...


aint sweet enuff?