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highlights of her fortnight.

#1-donated 450 mils of blood and redisc0vered the shocking truth of being an A group.

#2-experiencd the true meaning of international friendship,where language is no barrier and boundaries gives no hindrance.
#3-korean guys(n girls)are extremely sweet when they want to.
#4-plan to survive on rm50 fr 1 week=Epic Fail *headbangin d walls*
#5-said a final farewell to one of her sisters with fun,laughter,and bonding moments=')
#6-learnt a new method of guys hitting girls i.e, singing classical s0ngs abt wanita melayu at d top of their lungs.
#7-in the name of ecological studies,suffered burnt skin and strained eyes from examining periwinkles and barnacles at tanjung bidara.
#8-had d 2nd most weird nightmare.
#9-is still graspg the fact that 0ne of the person she loved the m0st had a narrow escape from a terrorist bomb attack at an airport
#10-cracked her lenovo 450 at the side ,out of haziness and disorientd state of mind,causing one of the speakers to come off *tangisan bdarah* T__T
#10-is waiting anxiously for GG Ep12*shrieks*
#11-made herself honey lemon lychee rose flavord tea,supercombo to medicate her aching throat despite all the strepsils she swallowed.
#12-is grateful and thanks god with all her heart for evrytg HE gave and has in store for her.still having faith that everything happens for a solid underlying reason.
#13-is dearly missing her 3 lil prince and grandma.
#14-cant wait for 29th jan.flying bck h0me bebeh!!wuhuuu!('',)

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2 notes :

jibs@gffxs said...

i'll only be home on 3rd until 6th feb..kjap jee..T_T

sufiyyah zulkifli said...

welcome back home! :)

aint sweet enuff?