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sometimes it lasts in love,but sometimes it hurts instead.
Adele - someone like you.

heartbreak.i guess everyones been thru it the lost of someone they love, being betrayed by someone they love, not being able to achieve something they love, or simply . . .falling out of love.heartbreaks are personal and to different people, the meaning also differs.

basically, i'd say its this pain you'd feel inside your heart.not heartburns,but its just like this daggerish-sharp, burning feeling you feel raping your insides.anatomically, you cant say where the pain actually is,but since the heart is the centre and core of the whole human body, it tends to be named so after. sure,i've had too many in fact.heartbreak from a bad relationship,heartbreak from a breakup,heartbreak from a friend, heartbreak when i dont achieve something i've worked for, heartbreak when smthg i want is so close in my grasp,yet soo far away...
but honestly, all the pain felt makes me blessed to be human.its a blessing.i'd say heartbreaks are blessings in disguise.

i've put a strong front. maybe i've built a wall. i taught myself to be oblivious so never again i'll get hurt. it's cause i cant afford to get hurt anymore.and i dont want to cuz its not worth it.thats why i turned deaf to all the whispers.thats why i say 'its not true' when in fact is more truth i can ever express.that's why everytime i feel this fuzzy feeling surfacing i push it away, and when i have butterflies in my stomach when i see this person, i look away.
ignorance is bliss people say,and now it has grown into denial which has slowly become my shield.

but now, i dont think i'm seeing it that way anymore :)

heartbreak is just a natural human feeling.if u're ever to encounter it again,just embrace it.just SAVOUR it. everything happens for a reason.

being mentally prepared and ready for the worst is one thing, but knowing whether u'll survive again or not, will remain still as a question.
but braving against the odds and taking ur chances will really, surprise you. :)

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salha said...

i love this post, really.cannot explain why....

najibahhassan said...
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najibahhassan said...

this one is beautiful! i can feel ur heart..=)

Nabilah Rashid said...

thank youu darlings (:

Nabilah Rashid said...
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aint sweet enuff?