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Finally,the long awaited has arrived~

when all my friends started entering uni for asasi programs and some to matriculation,i was still waitin for JPA's letter.and evry1 who bumped into me would ask the same old question;'eh,x smbg blaja lagi?' or smthg like 'duduk kat rumah lg??'-aghast-
n i would answer 'tunggu surat JPA,d hardcopy'
The few weeks i went through was misery.feelin lost and not knowin what my futures gonna b like.
N now,finally,syukur alhamdulillah, mr poslaju man finally came wif d treasure i was eagerly waitin for.
I was a bit 'terkesima' when i saw d word twinning on d letter.
JPA had gracefully bestowed me wif d IMU twinning program.
Couple of years for a levels,den i'll be on my way to medical degree.
None of my frens,or frens of frens got IMU.yeap.way to go on makin me worry more.aiye~
i'm restless n confused now.i'm slowly digesting tha fact that i'll have to stay in mesia for a longer time before i can fly since only my clinical years will be done abroad.
im weighin the pros and cons of doin my preclinic in Malaysia n not overseas.thinking which one is the best.
im cerebrating the fact that my status of going abroad is not secured or confirmed.
i already turned down the 3rd Level Assessment/Interview,Sime Darby since papa despised the thought of me taking up biotechnology.
so, now here i am, here i come INTEC.

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