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Baby So KawaIiiiiiii!!aisyh!!

Ha.inila star of d day!baby afeef!!!!
dak ni soo dem cute lorh!tumbum.besh sgt hug n dukong dye.
habes2 men anak spupu n baby milik anonymous,ak pigi taram blak anak sedara si yana.
casey,cpat2la branak bgi me anak sdara!!!!wah!
i was a bit shy to yana's smate cuz na men nan baby afeef.but as soon as i arrived an saw afeef lying on d baby mat n thirstily drinkg milk from his bottle,i had no regrets.
so,i bent down n stroke his cheeks,held his hands n kissd him.he was oh so good n x nangeh at all!in fact he held my fingers tight n even put it in his mouth~
menik did some ciku-cak while yana was supervisin like d head of moms.correction,aunty yana.wah~!
i shrieked and melted at d sight of pure cuteness right in my arms.den,mase bw afeef jalan2 kt luar,smbel ddukung oleh akak aten,afeef pon lentok on my chest.aww!honestly,it was freakin chomel~!!!
n dis is just d baby bru.d abgs n akak i.e akim,akil and asya x masok book lgih!!if i were to write,it wont fit my blog lah!
afeef,ble pulak akak aten can come and see you ehk?baby afeef chomel!







branak la cepat2.....

me maw ank sdare~*-*

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