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KL trip,and coincidental interview

originally ,the trip to kl was for leisure,shoppin, wasting time chasing cars.ngee~

but as soon as i reached d hotel,and rested my bum on d hard bed, a call came in my nokia cell.8.49 pm.
"excuse me,is this miss fathin nabilah speakin?"
okay.formal tone detected.switch to -full mannered,formal aten mode-!~
'yes,its me speakin'
the other voice then continued,"im calling on behalf of Yayasan Sime Darby"*t.i thought,now baru u nak habaq kat i ade interview.a day b4 d intview.not even 24 hours infact.i was waitin anxiously for a whole week,now bru na call,no mail,no anythg.n just a freakin call b4 d intvw.okey.aten.shut your mouth.stop grumblin edi.owh god.n before she put down d phone"i hope you can give your answer b4 9.30 pm.goodbye"

so,i went for d 2nd level assesmt,wearing maksu's baju kurung, with vistana pen and a pink examination pad bought frm a bookshop at d mall,beside legend hotel.
well, was a blessin in disguise cuz i was edi in KL.huhu.alhamdulillah.

nyways,i was ecstatic enuff to meet d 3 musketeers,my 3 boys;adam,ammar, n imran.
dat nyte at maksu's i was super touched cuz ammar was soo sweet."ammar na tidor dgan kakak fatin boleyh?"soo chumel. den he put on tom n jerry dvd for me.i was pretending to enjoy it altho i was sleepy gle.hehe.den adam came home.he was a bit moody so he slept on d matress on d floor while me and ammar slept on d lower bunk bed,opposite heads.comedic tho,cuz the next morning, adam also crammed in d lower,it was all 3 of us.ngee~
next day, went to midval.masok toys r us!!!! aftr how many years,i mengimbau kenangan silam.
den, had a date wif adam:D
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aint sweet enuff?