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april's last week n my comments on MALAYSIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM.

here i go again.
last wednesday, my class teacher put some glue on the back of two sheets of paper,then swiftly pasting it on the 'info board' in the class. 'hurrah'.10 cheers.Our test results have come out.Juz the thing to aggravate my 'oh-ever-sooo-happy'(notice the quotes sign) mood at school. i better stop typing junk and juz reveal the gist of this post.
in big huge,clear capital letters, i hereby declare that:
yup,my grades stink bad.real irritates me when evryone else can just score deftly while i never seem to.maybe becuz i didnt study enuff? is d perfect event for me to blame the present education system.*evil laughs*>)
well,like evryone says,its too exam oriented.theres a marking scheme.evrything we mark must go in accordance to the scheme. you leave a word unwritten, there goes your mark(in sum cases).
i'd like to type more, but im just too wiped out and hav a lot of homework i SHOULD be doin.
my dear darling self,
the reason i fail is,because im frkg lazy to stdy,dont bother to try, and damn,i juz didnt giv 100%.
i do curse a lot dont i.
and finally, will i result to cheating?never ever.i dont think so.
lets stop cursing and be a goody two shoe for a minute.
im writing junk so lazy to hit the backspace button and i'll continue to write junk.
-end of writing junk-
so, for the rest of the critics about malaysia's present education system, i will post it next week.hopefully i can make some time.btw,i hav to come up with a fun game for a bunch of about 50 pple, and i hav no single idea.

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