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comical u say?

i hate dis background.
okay nabs~relax..deep breaths n count to ten.
let me giv a recap of what i went thru,startin from two weeks back.
firstly,i had dis pantomine thingy that we had to do for our teachers retirement.and so,i gathered up all my close frens as the actor.thot it would be easier since the communication barrier isn there,but wrong i was.lemme tell ya, ordering people, telling them what to do, is not as breezy as it sounds.
we were up all night,3/4 of the time wasted with..fiddlin, and idling.i went home early,and i guess without me and with time running out d pressure steamed up.

The next day,juz like 2 hours b4 the preformance, we had a last rehearsing session.we tried infront of a sample audince,n like,they didnt evn giv any reaction.i was like totally my mind, i juz thot 'heck,bluff ur way out and juz doit.juz do it'
.laughs*in this room, i woukd like to refer as our make up room, we juz held hands and hoped for the best.i would accept and undrstand if the large 900+ audience would not give a damn or clap,i dont mind if there are cricket sounds as a result of no reaction from the audience,but plez..dont boo us or throw rotten tomatoes!!
surprisingly, as this very amature pantomine went on,the audience cheered.and they were laughing at the right scenes!haha!
it wasnt a sneeze, it wasnt a giggle,.NO. it was an uproarious clap and laughs!!!hey,they liked us after all!!yeay!!
the process wasnt all sugary spice,evrythin nice, but in the end, the outcome was indeed rewarding.
i thank the actors for staying up d whole nite n rehearsing.yup,thats our fighter spirit!!chaiyok!~
now,the bucket of tears,the pool of sweat and the endless frustration, was all,very much,worth it.

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