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the*-* grueling debate week.

debate.full stop.
that week was...unthinkable, inconceivable, indescribable, incredible, unbelievable and all the crap. Livin in this east coast state of malaysia(clue;it starts with a 'k' =p) we only got to know abt the debate, roughly 7 days before the real thing. So we huffed, and puffed and debated all week long.our lovely coach gave us the motion:
1st:This house believes that the present education system prepares student for workforce.(our team as opponents)
2nd:This house would sacrifice economical growth for the environment.

The 2nd motion, was for the final stage of the, we werent revealed with what role our team would hold.We would only know after picking up draws,on the spot.My mistake was, apying too much attention on the first motion. We squandered all our time discussing the first motion. I made a hell lotta research and ended up with a 2 inch thick data on paper. All the time i had, i argued with my parents (both lecturers,and immensely supportive of malaysia's present education system). We squabbled in the car, over the dining table, and even while shoppin for groceries.
so, the ever awaited day came.the first round was ...'hampeh'.No english word can describe was HAMPERGH. so, while the adjudicators were decidin i spoke to the 2nd spekr beside me,heres a piece of our conversation:
me: i think we r losin.
2nd spkr:yup, we are sooo gonna loose.
me:what are we gonna tell those girls when w e come back?urgh..soo humiliating maa! leat we tried eh?
2nd spkr:i cant bear the shame..
me:looks like its back to school for us.what period will it be by the time we reach our school back?
2nd spkr:hmm,i think we'll reach aftr recess.just in time for EST.
me:man, ihavt finishd d homework yet.shit.
while we were lame-ly discussing the state of our hw,(as a means of escapism),the judge announced the winner.
adjdicatr:the winner goes to SM****
guess what?we won.we won.
i was abot to take my coat,run out from the room and apologise to our coach for our loss.but,dang!we frking won!
a moment of elation filled the air,which was soon replaced by anxiety.
now, we had to debate out the second motion.we were on the government side. Shit. we didnt prepare much for this.1 hour of quarantine.after discussing our stand and points.i scribbled my speech. aah..the time my 3rd spekr seat.trembling,only god knows, i stared at each one of my three opponets.'heck.juz laugh and bluff your way out'
d first speaker of the opposition was talkin much of what i didnt seem to understand.His keywords werent i just wrote down what i could and thought of how to rebut it. Then,my enemy 3rd speakr,sittin almost perpendicularly opposite to me, blurted out his speech. Suddenly,japan was brought into the topic.he asked me if i've ever been to japan (which he claims to be a country full of greens but still growing economically)and i was like, hell yeah i've been to japan.P.O.I, i went there when i was in form four..haha!sheer adrenaline flowd through my veins when i saw his staggered face.=p.kinda cute.*rofl* he contd:"movin on to my next point"
so,yadda,yadda,babble,babble, the debate finally was all over now. and after receivng helpful comments and tips, our coach took us on a 'road trip' to tesco before we headed back for school.

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