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never.a.boring.story|nabilah rashid|faith love hope


last week,we entered this spelling thingy,tried our best and alhamdulillah,got what we desreved?iguess..haha..the scene in the morning was so damn messy.havoc.manic.feverish.crazy.u name thing i've learnt and will always remember(my fthr keeps tellin me about this):::
llll>murphy's law,states that,anything and everything that can go wrong,will go wrong at the last minute.
owh murphy dear,how true you are.
my otha teammates did not bring their IC or registration letter with them.and so we registerd last.luckily,wif the nice mr crew's help,we mangd to settle the problem.we took the steps on the stage and speld wif glory through the first words were easy,so it wasnt quite a problem.haha..and lastly,the ever awaited segment,the break came.
i was about to throw up,out of anxiety,nervousness and insanity.but,like by chance,dis white tall,european guy came out of nowhere.he didnt come and talk to me even after i tested my *stare-and-wink-wink* method.but oh well,the sight of a cute guy can actually erase out all your vertigo/!okaey,this is wayy diverging from the main topic.back to my point,ehem2.
my FRENS!!!!
my frens were incredibly supportive,and thats why i luv em so much!!!!mucho,mucho tekkiero!it feels so good to jump into a pool of your friends and just be with them!!
so,if anyone wants d list of d words,i could probably try my best to comtribute,i might even make an mp3 out of it!!?

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aint sweet enuff?